Surrendered Russians Massacred. Was This A War Crime Committed By Ukraine? | Dan Kovalik

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Kim, this was a fascinating analysis and discussion. We really are privileged to have someone like you bringing us the real news that the MSM does not cover at all.

  2. Kim you are WRONG about" War Crimes being done on both sides"in the sense of an equivalence". A professional soldier would not indulge himself! A Nazi ideology would impel otherwise .

  3. Kim I’m sorry WAR CRIMES are are gonna happen for any reason , why would you think That the COUNTRY WHIS INVADING ANOTHER COUNTRY, is going to do less killing , They are there to TAKE WHATS NOT THERES, so you thinking is skewed in my opinion

  4. The statement by the guest at about minute 12 makes too much generalizations about ppl in Luhansk and Donbas voting to secede in 2014 or in 2022. I’m not knowing any facts on background hereof, but it is only fair to say that a majority of those who voted preferred to secede.

    The msm made sure to cover the liberation of Kherson or Kharkiv on nov. 11. I don’t think the joy and relief of all those people was a staged event.
    Wasn’t it the case that Russia facilitated evacuation of those who wished to have Russian citizenship before they withdrew? Ironically those ppl depending on their fitness and demographic could now be drafted into the Russian army as cannon fodder.
    11/30/22 from 🇨🇦

  5. Thank you Kim for having such interesting and insightful guests that offer a more credible perspective on what in happening in the Ukraine than that of the hawkish western media.

  6. Kin is certainly the bravest journalist operating outside of a war zone today. What most of the media, including most of these so called "independent" streaming news sites are selling is nothing but regurgitated MIC propaganda. Today I see that NATO is now openly wanting to add the Ukraine to their roster. What a disaster that would be. Our government and military continue on a daily basis to escalate this conflict. The reasoning behind that is.completely absurd. There is no "victory" ( as usual) in the future. When you hear a Congressperson, the president, or a military leader use that term you should know they are completely full of shit.

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  8. "hot pursuit" so no, definitely not a War crime though potentially prosecutable locally…once the Ukraine Judiciary can have electricity and safe Transportation to their Court House of course. Any more Theaters that need to be bombed speaking of this?

  9. The proxy war with Russia in Ukraine by US led NATO, and the damage to the European economy and living standards resulting from sanctions against Russia, makes more sense when viewed in the context of the WEF World Economic Forum Great Reset and the UN Agenda for the 21st Century. We are witnessing the controlled demolition by US led NATO and Western Banks of the global economy.

  10. It's a war crime to me, in my opinion. First, those soldiers are my ancestral Brothers. Second, "Do unto other as you would have done to you". Golden f*&king Rule! We don't murder enemy combatants, when they've surrendered or are in a state as Prisoners of War. We don't mistreat them because that doesn't serve anyone, anywhere, anytime. What comes around goes around, and that shouldn't go around. Soldiers obey commands, they serve. Without obedient soldiers none of us could be safe, none of us can execute a successful campaign, no matter what side your on and therefore, you should respect Prisoner Soldiers. I'm not saying you need to pamper them, I'm saying you need to treat them as you would expect to be treated and the respect they deserve as Soldiers. War crimes and war criminals are treated with due process and severe punishment but not mistreatment. I'll never agree to mistreatment or torture, if I see it, and God forbid one day I'm in a war and have the authority, I would execute those who torture or mistreat other human beings outside the necessities of combat, immediately and with prejudice but quickly and painlessly. Those soldiers deserve respect even if they are the enemy. Unless of course I'm missing some provable crime they committed against their enemies, which I doubt.

  11. Not numerous war crime's have been done bye Nazi Ukrainian, more , countless war crime's and 15.000 Russian killed (civilians) since 2014 bye Kiev Ukraine terrorist who are controlled bye US puppeteer's.

  12. Hopefully Ukraine and Zelensky are destroyed. Since our leaders don't want to spend our money at home, then I can only hope the money they are throwing over there blows up in their faces.

  13. Russia is not the USSR, it has no desire to take Europe. Understand Putin is fighting for National Sovereignty, something America has long since sold out to the NWO/WEF. Russia doesn't want to take over Ukraine…it just wants to protect ethnic Russian. Ukraine is as crooked as a snake… full of Nazi's, and ruled by a CIA Puppet Government. The US and NATO want to break up Russia for it's Natural resources. Like they do everywhere.
    Everyone should take pause and remember what happened the last time the West demonized the Germans….not a wise move!

  14. Putin was "mean" to his oligarchs, as Jimmy Dore once said. He jailed them for corruption. Wasn't going to be their puppet.

    Six out of seven of the oligarchs are of the same ethnicity which completely controls the Brandon Administration. The corrupt US State Department wants "regeime change."

  15. War is horrific on a level that is incomprehensible to those who've not experienced it. And certainly Russians have committed horrible acts in this one. But, when this war is eventually over, the greatest war crimes and atrocities will likely be by the Azov Battalion and their fascist brethren. As with Yugoslavia, it may take years to forensically sort out the bloody mess.

  16. Please recall an execution of captured Russian troops early in the SMO, they were shot in the knee and later murdered, caught on video, published online soon after and cleaning from the internet began soon after. It was when the RUS overextended beyond air cover, the incident among is eemed storage buildings the troops on pavement between them.

    There was an outcry so some of those videos/articles may still be archived, about 10-12 troops were executed. The ukr troops aren't obliged to honor the Geneva conventions from the start.

    They're n,az,is … I've been to a small gas chamber, these are direct decendents of the people running the big ones, choose your KarmicDebt wisely.

  17. I’m no fan of Ukraine per se, but that Russian soldier that surprise fired on the Ukrainian soldiers got his fellow soldiers killed. These are soldiers, not police officers making an arrest. Sorry.

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