Surviving a Uyghur Concentration Camp in China | Abduweli Ayup

Imagine being put in a concentration camp for trying to start a kindergarten. That’s what happened to Abduweli Ayup, a writer, linguist, and now Uyghur activist. But while the Chinese Communist Party is committing genocide in Xinjiang, the international community debates.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. If someone wants to help me fund my campaign I’m willing to go to China and overthrow their country and free all those people but no one wants to invest and other people anymore

  2. As an Asian American, we should also be speaking out against these crimes against humanity. Nobody is going to care until the Han Chinese living abroad stop bootlicking the CCP. I have friends whose parents are from the Mainland and still use WeChat and absorb the Chinese media like a sponge. We need to stand up and challenge those who continue to buy into CCP lies.

  3. The Chinese communist party is follows a colonial cult ideology of sovereignty. As with other so-called sovereign states the bankers profit from militarily enforced Exclusive Economic Zones.

    One thing we can do to end cult abuse is to publish FREE UYGHURS on any currency that trades with China. Then hold public auction of those notes on the pavement of courts and so-called sovereign banks.

    Remember, a statement of sovereignty is not secular.

  4. The story of the Prophet Moses pbuh and the pharoh with the 7 plagues feels familiar to the virus coming from China and affecting the whole world who is complicit in this injustice. I hope things will get better soon without God causing us more punishment. In the end Muslims Jews or Christians we worship the same God, we should all help each other.