Susan B Anthony is Cancelled

President Trump decided to pardon feminist hero Susan B Anthony on the 100th aniversary of the ratification of women’s right to vote. Feminists are, naturally, outraged.

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  1. Now white affluent empty brained women can vote for the Socialists Marxists that inundate them with propaganda designed to like, totes, make them feel good and be like against racism n stuff. Suffrage was a mistake. Not sorry.

  2. Susan B Anthony was co-editor of "The Revolution" She was also anti-Christian and worked with the American communist leader Victoria Woodhull. Victoria was leader of Secion 12 of the Communist International headquartered in New York City in 1872
    Read all about it in "To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments" by Arthur R. Thompson

  3. I've yet to meet one human in my life that wasn't racist. Everyone is an amalgamation of their base preferences, including racial… Somehow half the population learned to believe that isn't true – but it is.

  4. "I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the negro and not the woman."
    She's literally saying that she wants them both, yet the leftist lunatic acts like she didn't. The fact that she advocated for black people apparently amounts to "nothing" in the eyes of these lunatics.

  5. STOP USING WIKIPEDIA as a SOURCE! Susan B Anthony was not interested in "social justice" for a group, but justice for the individual. Leftist revisionism right in the first paragraph. WIKIPEDIA is PROPAGANDA

  6. Wait…. So trump pardons a woman, who had herself applied for the sentence to be rescinded, and the media want him to re sentence her…. holy suit, you couldn't make this stuff up.
    TDS: lvl Potato achieved

  7. Scusa, Sardonis….the thumbnail is actually Anthony Fauci when he was only 85…his hair was longer back then. Easy mistake, no big deal. Keep on, Sargon.

  8. Susan B Anthony was a conservative christian. If anyone doubts that just read anything about the temperance movement. It was a highly religious and conservative movement against drinking, calling whiskey the devils drink. Many of these same women also wanted the right to vote, and used their faith to gain attention and supporters. The Democrats don't like history because history is full of Conservatives actually doing good since the founding of the nation. It's why we see revisionist lies being pushed on students in schools and universities, in an attempt to create a false narrative to slander their enemies. Which these enemies are everyday citizens that actually like the nation they're apart of.

  9. I'm actually surprised the Left didn't try to cancel Susan B. Anthony sooner. She along with other feminists of her time, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mary Wolstonecraft, opposed abortion. Unlike most of today's feminists who think abortion liberates women, the First Wave feminists believed abortion was murder and allowed men to be irresponsible. The fact that the Left is only trying to cancel Susan B. Anthony now on her supposed racism is astounding, knowing that she and the other feminists of her time are probably spinning in their graves at how most of today's feminists not only support abortion, but zealously defend it.

  10. I'm sick of this partisan behavior, period – it's prevalent on both sides. You just know that if a democratic president did this, you guys would be crying about it as well.

  11. Yep, this is how i view majority of the feminist, making a lot of nonsensical noise and when provided differing opinion or actual fact, it just results in dismissal, belittlement and general insulting and more noise how they are correct and your wrong, such wonderful people.

    Also 9.05, that's literally true to every human on the planet, regardless of political, religion or opinions or what have you, people don't care, they literally do not.

  12. It seems interesting that people can look at a group and say "they are for this or against that" and others will disagree even if it is true. Why? Well, sub-groups within the main group will do things.

    So some democrats want x and some want y instead. Some republicans want a and some want b instead.

    There were apparently republicans who were for women to vote and some were against it. They did it for different reasons. So with that, what was the republicans position? How does an amorphous group have a position? Is it the prevailing position that is the groups position?

  13. Susan B. Anthony has been on thin ice for a while for being a feminist who opposed abortion, because she thought it enabled the sexual exploitation of women. The Susan B. Anthony List is a major pro-life group in the U.S..