Susan B. Anthony Shows How MASTERFUL Trump Can Be, Total Distraction That’s BORDERING On 4D Chess

Tim and Keri Smith of the Unsafe Space podcast discuss Donald Trump’s posthumous pardon of Susan B. Anthony for voting illegally disappointed some. There is a silver lining, because the pardon highlights the rigidity of the beliefs of those on the far left.

Guest: Keri Smith @ksemamajama on Twitter, @Unsafe Space on Twitter, YouTube

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. She was part of the anti-slavery movement. From the age 17 she was collecting patitions to end slavery. She was not a racist.
    And I hope she was against abortion.

  2. At the end there she makes an incredible point. We need to stop being holden to the idea that being right is important. Finding truth even to our detriment should be our cause.

  3. didnt know they knew about abortions in the 1870's. they say anti abortion i know they dont know what they are talking about. abortion needs machines and back then there was no machines to even come close to do an abortion. they walked into the Trump trap again. they show they dont know what they are for. anything he is for is who are they .against

  4. Once more let me throw in some info regarding pity for Joe Biden. In an interview he said "Obama said 'You don't need to do it Joe' but I said I will do it" kind of thing – so it's not like they threw him into the deep end without recourse.

  5. No more social politics. We all have our rights and freedoms. The only thing the Obama administration was good for. Is my vote for big government or small government? Higher taxes or lower taxes? If that is not your political concern, you are brainwashed. Period.

  6. I don't know how ANYONE can think the Democrats have GAINED more voters compared to 2016. The Democrats have done NOTHING, but Call ANYONE whom support Trump as a Racist or Bash Trump supporters day in and day out. This is NOT going to bring people to your party. Trump on the other hand has had actual RESULTS of him improving ALL American's Lives. You cannot gain new voters or old voters that left, by running a campaign that does nothing but say Trump is bad. Democrats have NOTHING to OFFER and on top of that they are now the party that supports Lawlessness and Chaos. Trump is going to set a record with the amount of minority votes he will gain in 2020!!!! Trump 2020!!!!!

  7. This "unhinged chaotic destructive group of people that don't understand what the world is" is not a new thing: in Dostoievsky's "The Idiot", there's a character called Ippolit who's just like the mob people.

  8. If the republicans want to win again after trumps second term they should have Candice Owens or Press secretary Mckiney run for President. That would make the democrats minds implode hahahaha.

  9. "They passively want Trump to win" is exactly what I think, I honestly believe John Oliver voted for Trump in 2016, because it was a gold mine of "content" for his platform, as well as many others in that "anti-Trump" media bubble. They could see the writing on the wall, and it said "You can't write for shit" (Your industry is on life support), so they more than likely propped it up for at least another 4 years to keep peddling their bullshit.

  10. Conservatives are the true Liberals, Leftists stole the monarcher from gun toting Conservatives in the 80's. Conservatives are LIbertarians, and now the Leftists like that one and are trying to steal it too. … hindsight the Left is incredibly lame and cringe and always has been.

  11. The reason we elected Donald trump was not to pardon radical feminist. Snowden would have been a better choice as a drain the swamp candidate. Assange is a foreigner and the intelligence links he did were likely to make it easier to get servicemen killed.

  12. Trump despot put kids in cages …. tore innocent children from parents in the name of the American people… He will answer for his crimes in this life or most certainly in the next.And he did it in your name .Ur as guilty as the evil obese satan that he is U are well named as you will burn in hell,s fire like him …… America is better than his hate talk and lies…

  13. Those woke left will only learn when they get kicked really hard.
    Arrests and prosecution for everybody responsible in russian collusian hoax. All admitting the conspiracy.

  14. Goes to show that even if you are a woman famous for women rights which included getting the right to vote and being anti-slavery, the woke/cancel/sjw/left will find a way to tear you apart and reject you