Suspended For Calling Nazis “Nazis” On Twitter

Twitter has banned David Z. Orfen’s @orfenege account after the user posted a tweet criticizing Ukrainian forces for indiscriminately bombing civilian areas of Donetsk, calling them “Nazis.” That the Ukrainian military is infested with neo-Nazis is a matter of record, however, so this ban seems more about protecting the western narrative about the Ukraine war than about stopping “misinformation” on the platform.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the sticky problem with being silenced for calling Nazi’s “Nazis.”

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  1. Fascist and Leftism is authoritarian. You might be in denial bro. The anti-authoritarians are fighting for gun rights, boarders, less govt in our lives, ect…

  2. I wish Jimmy and others would stop the LIE that there were "no WMD's in Iraq"…
    Even the New York Times eventually admitted WMD's WERE found… What had happened is prior to the war "most" of the WMD's were shipped to Syria because Saddam was expecting "Inspectors" not an actual war. This is why they were so hard to find initially.

  3. Trying to control other people against their Will is not only impossible, logistically, but you make yourself crazy, bitter, and foolish in the attempt. I’m glad we are all getting to see how it goes when you try to force unwanted ideas on others, because maybe it will help us never get caught up on tyranny trips ourselves. Nothing can educate you better than experiencing what the world gets like when people undertake to totally dominate it and impose their will in out of line ways. They’re just demonstrating the futility of their whole messed up way of thinking and approaching conflict with others. I pray for them, truly, because nothing is more unfulfilling than feeling like it’s your moral obligation to control other peoples mouths, minds, and thoughts. These people can’t even control their own minds, so how do they expect to succeed at controlling ours???

  4. Again: why do you care so much about Twitter? don't you know their bias? do you think crying and complaining will make them change their bias? You know the answer to all these questions, but you need rage clicks.

  5. Most media outlets, most countries, most billionaires and the Vatican, are all in lockstep on most narratives. It's all to bring about the one world government.

  6. Ro Khanna wants to the first sub-continental President. But, he is roundly denounced by the majority of his constituency. He's on the hook of big tech, pharma and the MIC.

  7. America supports NAZIs in Ukraine.
    America supports genocide against children in Yemen.
    America supports chomos stripping in front of kids in school.

    The US is not the good guys…..

  8. Folks, I'll preface my comments by saying my mother was Jewish. So, I don't much care for Nazis and the whole anti-Jewish mindset. Plus, my father fought the nasty Nazis in WW2. One of the greatest coups was when the LEFT convinced most people that Fascism was from the RIGHT.

    This is WRONG.

    Fascism is NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Did you get that? SOCIALISM. The Nazis hated capitalism and hated America. The German nation was a SOCIALIST nation, and by definition, socialism is from the LEFT. Many people assume that because Germany and Russia fought, and Russia was a socialist state (the LEFT) Germany must needs be have been from the RIGHT. This is WRONG. Germany was ALSO a socialist state. They were BOTH from the left. Fascist ideology is akin to socialism and liberalism. They all have the collectivist dictatorship outlook.

    So, they get away with a lot of crap today because our modern-day liberals, who seek to defend Nazism in the Ukraine, are themselves actually pro-Nazi. They deny that by trying to blame the right for Nazism, but in truth, they are promoting the Fascist state of Ukraine. They get enraged when you point this out, but sorry, my Jewish half really can't stand Nazis, especially when they hide under the guise of liberalism.

    But, during the last two years, what with all the rioting by the LEFT, it's kind of hard to not believe the left is pro Nazi since they employ the exact same tactics as their German counterparts.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, trust me: It's a duck. A leftist duck.

  9. But calling 1/2 the US Na*i's on Twitter without provocation is perfectly acceptable, nay, expected at this point coming from the left. Biden and the people like him and put the final nail in the coffin of this country that the left has been making for decades…..what a piece of sh*t.

  10. Historically communists and fascists have always called their opponents fascists in order to project. At least you have finally realized that, cause we kind of knew that all along

  11. I don’t use Fakebook twatter instagam or blinked out. I don’t watch TV either. I think it’s better for your mental health and cognitive ability if you don’t. I still support the truckers. I joined the Conservative party to vote Polieviere as leader. I’m voting Trudeau out of office next election. If I could I’d give Schwab a bad and permanent ache in his privates and itch up his nose. Same with Gates k no ow that I think of it. Oh, and that WHO head. And Christia Freeland. And Justin Trudeau. Biden already has those things.

  12. It stands to reason when people act like something undesirable they would be supporting that same undesirable . Free Julian Assange only these undesirable people types would imprison a truth teller.

  13. Yea and who shut our lives down during covid and wants you to own nothing and be happy by 2030, not donald trump. If only all those brainwashed idiots during donald trumps presidency said he was the fascist. Most Trump voters were mad at Trump for allowing the shut downs and listening to the authoritarian experts that were bought and paid for.

  14. Hey remember when they called trump a fascist and a nazi and hitler… Now only republicans have resisted funding the nazis at all… Its almost like democrats do nothing but project. Everything they do they accuse others of doing.

  15. The Hill recently did a story about how Swiss NATO official blowed the whistle and said that indeed, ukrainian army was so small and so many defected to russia, that they had to integrate the neo-natsi groups into the official army. And that their share of the army is 40%. Times of Israel wrote that there are over 30 neo-natsi groups in Ukraine. And now some are even integrated in the parliament/government.

  16. My friends and family outright REFUSE to believe that the Ukrainian armed forces are full of nazis. I’ve showed them the pictures and the videos all the evidence. And they gaslight me and tell me I’m DELUSIONAL what the hell am I supposed to do

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