Sussmann Trial Day 8: Prosecution Rests, Defense Witnesses

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The Prosecution RESTS on Day 8 of the Michael Sussmann trial as defense attorneys call their first witnesses.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:39 – Mindmap Overview
00:06:08 – Early Superchats
00:06:59 – Afternoon Session Transcript (Sussmann Trial Day 7)
00:12:17 – Witness Curtis Heide (Redirect Examination)
00:16:47 – Witness Jared Novick (Direct Examination)
00:41:38 – Witness Jared Novick (Cross-Examination)
00:56:15 – Witness Jared Novick (Redirect Examination)
01:01:10 – Morning Session Transcript (Sussmann Trial Day 8)
01:08:48 – Government Final Witness Kori Arsenault (Direct Examination)
01:32:32 – Government Final Witness Kori Arsenault (Cross-Examination)
01:40:57 – Government Rest/ Bench Conference
01:45:51 – Defense Witness Tashina Gauhar (Direct Examination)
01:53:04 – Defense Witness Tashina Gauhar (Cross-Examination)
01:54:07 – Defense Witness Mary McCord (Direct Examination)
01:57:52 – Defense Witness Mary McCord (Cross-Examination)
01:59:24 – Defense Witness Thomas Grasso, Jr. (Direct Examination)
02:03:28 – Defense Witness Thomas Grasso, Jr. (Cross-Examination)
01:59:24 – Defense Witness Thomas Grasso, Jr. (Direct Examination)
02:03:28 – Defense Witness Thomas Grasso, Jr. (Cross-Examination)
02:06:42 – Defense Witness Thomas Grasso, Jr. (Redirect Examination)
02:08:08 – Recap & Conclusion
02:09:56 – Superchats & Locals Community

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  1. All these fools are very shaky, to have that many companies that basically do the same thing just puts red marks everywhere, all those people need to be investigated if they did work for the "Government"

  2. The Flash drive expense for Hillary Clinton with the 16 g got him. Same size as the information presented to FBI lawyer James Baker on the same day. He lied. GUILTY!
    "C'mon Man"

  3. If I did not have a good relationship with that fool and he asked me to investigate Trump during an election, i would have told him to EF off, I'm not doing that

  4. I know I’m crazy but hear me out. Christopher Sign broke the Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting. He was associated with the University of Alabama. They are the Alabama Crimson Tide. There is a movie titled Crimson Tide with a ship named USS Alabama. There was a reason they named the project Crimson Rhino. The movie was about Russia & nuclear warheads. Are we going to hear about a spy that was worse than Robert Hanssen who was also an FBI agent?!

  5. I am a bit surprised the Government didn’t argue the importance of establishing probable motivation to lie as well as the establishment of the materiality of the lie. The motivation takes away the innocence of a simple oversight. It’s frustrating in that we know what was going on but proving it, legally, to a DC jury and BHO appointed Judge is not going anywhere.

  6. Baker, Elias, Priestep, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Bruce & (Nellie) Ohr, et al, were NOT duped by Sussmann ! The FBI & Justice Dept. had their own agenda.

  7. Every day for 3 yrs, the media should be made to start every broadcast hour with "we are sorry. On this date in yrs prior, we lied to you about Russiagate. And we're sorry. Very sorry". Every new hour for 24 hrs. For three yrs. And those that watched it then, should be made to see that apology as well. Every day, every hour on the hour. I do not know how we can ever come together until Democrat voters understand what their news sources did to them, and what they welcomed done to them. They liked it. They tuned in for Trump Russia. For me it's one of the core facts that must be internalized by dem. Voters. So if you're one: hey, your news sources lied to you and treated you like idiots. Like people who wouldn't find the truth out because you didn't want too. It made you feel good to hear Trump Russia. It is and was a sickness. I know if my news sources, and fox is not one. If my news sources lied to me, regardless of it being something I want to hear. I would never ever trust them again. But hey, that's just me. 🤷‍♂️

  8. The defense complaining about questions getting political?!? Lmfao Rob how do (these) defense attorneys sleep at night? Everyone deserves a fair defense, but not at the cost of morals or ethics .

  9. Got most of the days in. Would be nice if there is a sum up of all the gotchas and key moments when you wrap. I am especially enjoying highlighting how deceptions are executed by taking advantage of the modus operandi at the FBI.

  10. Thank you! You are one of the few places I can go to for "the news" without feeling my stress and worry levels go through the roof. 🙂 I feel like I am really learning something both about the law/the legal system and about people and politics in general. Truth and getting to the bottom of things do wonders for the mind, heart, and soul. I now understand so much better why we have created our court system and why it is important to keep it as uncorrupt as possible.

  11. You do know its fixed don't you. On the Jury 3 Hillery supporters and donors. The judge Was was put to the bench
    by Obama. What Durham should investigate the Judge for collusion with Hillery… Or maybe some cash transfer…

  12. The Clintons have been criminals since they were born. When governors of Arkansas they were dealing drugs and two teens, who were night hunting, witnessed a crime, were kidnapped and murdered. They were abducted by men driving undercover state police vehicles, as stated by witnesses, and were found murdered, laying on railroad tracks. The book is by Mara Leveritt and titled "Boys on the Tracks".

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