Sydney Event: ENDING QUARANTINE: Mental Health of Citizens & Health Workers

Sydney has ended curfew for its areas of concern and will end its lockdown when a 70% vaccination rate has been reached, but maintain other health measures. A careful balance must be struck between freeing its stir-crazy citizens, re-booting business & keeping the covid outbreak under control, with health services & workers already under pressure and ICU space filling up.

* Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, medical practitioner, epidemiologist, former surgeon & former politician;
* Professor Ian Hickie, Co-Director, Health and Policy
, Sydney University Brain and Mind Centre

Written by Consortium News


  1. Perhaps someone can explain why Frankenshot-pusher, ivermectin-bashing Professor Ian Hickle seemed to enjoy – with bizarre glee and laughter – his statements during this discussion, especially when the global situation is most serious and demanding of maximum solemnity and sincerity. 

    His disappointing demeanor suggests the strong presence of misinformed intellectual egomania, or worse – intentional manipulation of public opinion. Mr. Hickle's "contribution" here represents the worst form of so-called "expert COVID testimony" possible, the precise opposite of what's needed by humanity at this most dangerous Fascist-dominated juncture on Earth.

  2. This was weak. Not nearly strong enough criticism of the 'authorities' treatment decisions – and citing ONE study as 'proof' that jabs are supposedly better than natural immunity when reams of peer reviewed research shows exactly the opposite is beyond bullshit.