Sydney man has cardiac medical episode after police arrest him for not wearing a mask.

A Sydney man has been resuscitated with a defibrillator after having a heart related medical episode following an arrest by police for not wearing a mask. In a video circulated online the man, and his family are heard pleading with police that there is a mask exemption. As multiple police arrive on the scene, the family is pleading with the police to call an ambulance.

The man remained handcuffed until people at the scene begged police to remove them. The current condition of the man is unknown, but he was taken away in an ambulance for medical care.

According to media reports the police want to fine him for not wearing a mask.

This is disturbingly a normal scene in Australia.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Update for anyone following: 

    According to police, they approached the 25 year old man for not wearing a mask.

    The man failed to follow directions and become argumentative. 

    The man was arrested, and a flip knife was later found on his possession. 

    The man was charged with not wearing a fitted face mask, intimidating police, resisting arrest and having a knife in a public place. 

    He has been granted bail. 

    A 21 year old woman with the man was also charged with assaulting police and not wearing a fitted face mask and using abusive language in public. 

    A 18 year old man was charged with resisting and hindering police in the execution of duty.


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  3. The police will obviously charging him with failing to obey a move a long order…..
    The fact that he's having a heart attack will conveniently be left of the report.
    The magistrate will uphold the charge …after all …the state government pays the magistrates wages…..
    The police will congratulate themselves for upholding the law.
    Channel nine news will portray he man a criminal…..and praise the police effort to keep people safe.
    That's the script….

  4. Where are the spineless civil liberties wankers …you know the ones that scream and defend the rights of certain people….now nowhere to be seen….maybe there's just not enough money in this for them…..yeah…civil liberty

  5. Note that the family were saying to police to call an ambulance, the police response was "you call an ambulance" then the police called the riot police instead. the mother had to go into the medical centrre to get a doctor. The riot police then arrested the family who were in shock after seeing their family member been brought back after the police done that to him.

    How are the police not been charged for this?!?

  6. The Police will wake up long before that RR, their turn is coming up, clotshot or unemployment. They will join the right side before it is too late. Bring on the Supreme Court cases September 30th and 1st October!