SYDNEY: Military occupies 590 rooms at Marriott Hotel for $600/night! OUTRAGEOUS! WTF!? Appeasement?

Why are troops covertly being deployed in Sydney’s CBD on standby in Luxury Hotel rooms?
Is the government preparing to invade its own city? Who are the troops supposed to be fighting? Protesters? Construction workers? Nurses? Why are tax payers paying for $600/night hotel rooms for ADF troops? Why can’t they stay at Holsworthy in a military barracks? We demand answers!
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Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. How can ordinary military personnel deploy against their own countrymen. Do these people not have a conscience. Their family's and children are going to be growing up in a fascist dictatorship. Ffs Australia get rid of these tyrannical f*"kers ASAP.

  2. Politically active your having a laugh …they locked Pauling Hanson up for being politically active.
    They rigged the American election, and outed trump for being politically active , they also removed him from Facebook, YouTube & Twitter .
    If you think your ever going to get enough votes to have a say, your delusional.
    You need to organise a military organisation to have your say. It worked in Northern Ireland…..

  3. My Intel informs me. It was a set up. The lockdowns were to cause protests. Plant undercover riot police in the crowd to cause enough violence and chaos to evenly warrant bringing in the military. These evil pyschopaths have no intention of ever letting us get our freedom back..They will start to silence anyone who opposes them.

  4. That motor cycle squad are always a very friendly bunch of fellows. Sadly troops are on the move Cossack, I have reports of troop movements all around the world, even in Cossack's cultural home. See if you can get any information about why the Military have occupied that part of Sydney.