Sydney Watson Brought to Tears Over Australia’s Collapse | Ep 180

Sydney Watson is not one to cry on camera but with the complete failure of the U.S. leaving Afghanistan in pieces and the way Australia has enslaved its own people, things have gotten so bad that it’s hard not to let emotions take hold as we watch the collapse of multiple countries.

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  1. they are doing this to make the citizenry submissive to the goverment and will bring in things like Sharia law it wont be called that , but the laws they bring in will have the same effect and already are

  2. “Why do we cheer about that?” It’s because the left hates white people, especially Christian conservative straight white men. Hence why I will always oppose them.

  3. The reason the Afghan Army ran is because they were trained and promised American air support which Biden took away without notification. They bugged out from Bagram Airbase in the middle of the night leaving the Afghans unarmed with auxiliary air support or maintenance. Thats why they ran away. You would too, at least to fight another day than just being a useless corpse.

  4. They want to go back to their golden age, something that looks to us abit like Handmaiden Tale complete with stonings.
    Whole different set of values,

    Here where I live in England little rubber dingies land on the beach where I live.
    They claim refugee status, but international law says you seek asylum in the nearest safe country.
    While these people began their journey in Africa and made their way up to and across the Mediterranean then up through France until they reached the English channel.

    Just one of the many consequences of these young men going on a big adventure (getting here) is that our English criminal gangs have had to become more aggressive with more dangerous weapons to protect themselves during gang fights.
    Another terrible consequence is the use of acid in attacks, something that was extremely rare is no longer the case.
    The big glorious melting pot if culture has brought with it horrible criminal aspects, from pick-pocketing gangs. sex trafficking organisations and so much more.
    Our culture shift was designed by Tony Blair's who is universally hated.

  5. Pre schoolers no longer allowed to be children ever. Talking about gender theory to preschool aged children is so inappropriate. This teacher should be banned

  6. let us not be dramatic…….the whole world is falling apart. the game is based on who can pretend or smile to the end. The entire system is fake…very fake. fake fake fake. a world base on lies will crumble. grab something to hold on to.

  7. Wow… Not even 20 seconds into this video and I'm already blood boiling levels of furious.
    "Number of white people went down."
    Liberal cheers
    This is why the Chinese make fun of the white Left "Baizuo" and why we need a "boog" soon.

  8. why did we have to leave that is the real question if we weren't technically fighting a war and the sense of ground troops then what was the point of leaving my understanding was all we were doing was supplying air strikes drone fights so that the Afghan troops could fight on the ground maybe I'm nuts I don't fully understand why did we have to leave and the matter of how we left

  9. regular flu killed ~60k people a year, so 1k dead in Australia could even be an improvement. It's about globalism, turning the world over to a luciferian global government. Satan's plan. Setting people up for the mark.

  10. i can do a perfect jumping jack but I bet I couldn't beat an Afghan soldier up a mountain. There is a difference between doing windmills on the beach and running around with 90lbs on your back at 12,000 feet on a mountain top. Huuuuuuuuge difference!

  11. I think the leadership knows that we need a big event in history to wash away the damage produced over the last four years. So you leave the enemies with the war-win, resources and weapons, as well as hostages; this is an enemy that is familiar so that we can make this a big deal…. Slowly usher out if covid conversation, slowly out of BLM conversation and all the things around those. Can’t forget what the Left has done regardless. That’s what I think.

    That’s what I think…

  12. Sydney no matter what hair style you're rocking you look fantastic. I really hope you're family can get out of there before everything really hits the fan. All of you stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

  13. Regarding Jumping jacks; I've seen this in the USA as well. I'm not sure there is a focus on physical fitness in schools like there was when the gen x (and the earliest millennials) also the increase in homeschooling (while a good thing) often neglects the physical fitness aspect and the children never learn these basic things and lack the coordination.