SYRIA Recognizes Donbass Republics

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SYRIA Recognizes Donbass Republics

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  1. I'm surprised the Russians don't hire better people for propaganda. I see that they now have only fools and incompetents who do not deserve their money. If he was your boss, I'd fired you a long time ago ….

  2. I was so busy working during the Syrian war and just believed the BBC and its version.
    Since the establishment locked me down I've taken it upon myself to source my own news.
    Sorry bashar assad
    I thought you were the bad guy
    Sorry Vladimir putin
    I drank the BBC koolaid

  3. I have more respect for Bashar Al'Assad than any Western president in late history. The fact that the West demonizes Al'Assad and worships Obama should say plenty enough about the state of the U.S.

  4. Jesus Christ, Hinkle! I swear in the Prophet Jeremiah's three-horned Goat, if all this turns out to be just an entertainment persona, a media schtick, a twisted facade for the corporate overlords, I'm so getting a fictitious university papers just for the Work and Travel Visa, getting over there and kicking your lying butt. I've already done it once just to skip the compulsory military service back in the day (I was in the last ever conscript draft, and now I deeply regret wasting 5 years in Medical School, than an year of getting actually useful skills). So don't think you're all safe over there in your precious US…. On the other hand, if you prove in time to stand by your words and beliefs…Well… We'll see…

  5. Zelensky never said "if they want to join Russia , they should".

    He said "if anyone don't like our laws (closing Russian school etc) , they should find themselves a new place to live and pack their bags".

    Poroshenko (ex president) said "while our kids will go to school, their (Donbas) kids will grow up hiding in basements".

    There is video proof of all those statements if you don't believe me .

    Belarus Z !!! Payback is here !!!

  6. Your words Jackson on a debate 11 months ago..!! Assad is a brutal dictator and I do not defend him..…we can both agree Assad is a bad guy..!!! Assad is guilty of many atrocities and responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 of his own population..!! This is a legitimate regime and his people love him ..!!!??? Have you changed your opinion..??!!!

  7. It is worse than them just trying to remove Putin, we know from the last few decades that the cabal that controls the USA has a standard tactic to commit belligerent & criminal actions to destabilise, coup or dominate a target country, then when the target country responds to stop the criminality, the cabal's MSM then accuses the people defending themselves of being the actual aggressor & they claim their defensive actions are proof of their criminality. Now think about the amount of times the USA has tried to depose Putin & get their people into power in Russia & the ways we know they have done these in the past. Now remember all the examples of Putin's actions they give as "proof" that Russia is a "kleptocracy" or a "dictatorship".

  8. Can someone help me understand? Is Jackson Hinkle a leftie presenting as libertarian? Has he had a catharsis at any point because all his previous content is left leaning? His understanding of the Ukranian war is surprisingly good comcidering his previous videos?

  9. You are a BLATANT LIAR Jackson….Ukraine never slaughtered 14,000 civilians in the Donbas in 8 years…that total is from BOTH sides shelling and fighting..and also includes LPR …DPR and Ukrainian soldiers…3,600 are civilians of which 300 are from the Malaysian flight that the separatists brought down…again BOTH sides caused these deaths…600 of them were Russian soldiers…now these facts are easily researched….so if I’m wrong challenge me on it..!!! ALL civilian deaths are horrendous but why lie to fit your narrative.!!!

  10. Which is the only country in the world plots coups against democratically elected presidents and governments and then replacing them with puppets as in Mossaddeque of Iran in 1953,Jacobo Arbenz of Guetemala in 1954,Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973,Suleiman Demirel of Turkey in 1980, Mohammad Mursi of Egypt in 2013,Victor Yanakovich of Ukraine in 2014,Evo Morales of Bolivia in 2019 and the ones which I have no knowledge of?

  11. Ukraine, I think has no problem if people in Luhansk and Donetsk will mount Russia but in a different way. They want those people to leave those territories and go to Russia and Ukraine will keep those territories. The same with Crimea. They don't care about those people, they want to keep lands for themselves.

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