Syrian insurgents guilty of ‘red line’ 2013 sarin chemical attack, study finds

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A new open-source study concludes that Syrian insurgents carried out the Ghouta sarin chemical attack in August 2013 — not the Syrian government, as the White House, U.S. intelligence, and other Western sources publicly alleged.

Rockets carrying sarin killed hundreds of people and left thousands wounded. Based on their trajectories, the study traces all seven missile impact locations back to the most likely launch spot where they all intersected: a small area within insurgent-controlled territory.

In their first joint interview, the study’s authors lay out their explosive findings.


Michael Kobs and Adam Larson, co-authors of a new study on the 2013 chemical attack in Ghouta.

Saar Wilf: Founder of Root Claim, which published the Ghouta study.

Read the Ghouta report:

Read a summary of the findings:

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  1. Come on Aaron. You have been pushing and presenting the case for "There WAS no Sarin attack" which is, and, from day one, is my own opinion. Now, it seems, you are helping to present an argument that there actually WAS a Sarin attack but that that attack was carried out by someone else. This smacks of smoke being blown up many asses. This is utter bullshit. P.S. did any of these guys calculate the launching location and trajectory of the container that fell through a roof, through a ceiling, and BOUNCED off a bed onto a floor? WAS THERE A SARIN ATTACK OR NOT? Were the doctors who stated that "There were no deaths by gas poisoning"? Are those who spoke up (members of the original investigation) and told the truth about the "Real findings" of that investigation now considered to have been lying? What about those who gave evidence that "The whole thing was a staged event"? are they now to be considered as liars also? COMPLETE GARBAGE!

  2. The US lying to start wars is basically a given at this point. To my knowledge there has not been any war the US has been involved in that did not involve lies to sway public opinion.
    The US is pretty much a corporate terrorist empire.

  3. The attack, by this report, shows the rockets being launched in darkness and arriving at their target MANY hours later. Did these rockets have a layover somewhere? Somewhere over the rainbow" perhaps? "Ambiguous evidence", I'm laughing so much that I am almost peeing myself.

  4. With all three branches of US government corrupted and every President since JFK idiot zombies, where are we going to find justice for these war crimes perpetrated by US and Western states? Aaron. Perhaps if we focus on the corrupted elements, (name names in high, official places) indictments might be possible as an example to other countries not to deceive the public after committing such atrocities?
    Aaron., After all the hard work and endless research, you must be tired of yelling into the void..

  5. Wasn't this the attack which happened when the OPCW was in Syria at the time and the Syria government was transporting their chemical weapons to put on ships?

  6. Not really a surprise that the official report is based on a lie. Remember the lie in the media about the WMD's of Saddam Hussein in Irak to start the war. Sinds then I never trust those information.

  7. The fake attack was not to convince Obama to attack Syria, they were committed to that and did carry it out in a limited way. They lacked public support for a full scale open war against Syria. He made the "red line" comment knowing that a fake chemical attack would be launched by their Wahabi allies on the ground in terrorist controlled areas.

  8. This is amazing, and it would not be possible to do an investigation like this without the Internet.It confirms what many of us have said all along, there was never any tactical advantage to using gas, and Assad was fighting for his life. Not the kind of foolishness we’d expect from him. Now Aaron, on to Barrel Bombs…, you’re gonna be stuck with the tag Assadist for a while, learn to embrace it!

  9. Just common sense tells us that Assad would not use chemical weapons in a war he was winning…Furthermore, I've never seen compelling evidence that Assad is an evil "dictator"…Everyone, even progressives, start from the point of view that he and his government are evil, but I think it's the result of America's villifying propaganda…I've seen many videos of Assad driving his crappy little car, all over Syria, meeting people in several little towns, with no guards…The country is secular, and Assad enjoys popular support of Syrian citizens, as a result of liberating many cities from jihadists, that America has funded and armed…Assad was on the cover of Time magazine, when America thought he would let them exploit the country…The American empire is the evil in the world that is murdering and starving millions of people all over the planet, and even in America, with their hellish policies around medical care, guns, the lack of economic options, leading to military participation, housing, disaster capitalism, etc…And America is leading the world in destroying the planet's biosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere, environment, oceans, forests, and everywhere in between…Which is truly the biggest crime in human history, and the worst crime in the universe itself…If you think we will escape the 6th mass extinction event and the destruction of earth systems, you'd better talk a deeper look at the science, and what's happening in real time around the world…Our technology is the reason that we are in this mess, we are certainly not mature enough as a species to develop technologies that have such severe consequences…By 2030 our civilization will be much further into the process of collapse, everything else is just a distraction at this point…But, believe what you want, it won't stop science, it won't stop our self destruction…Just as every human civilization to ever exist has collapsed as a result of the exact same pathologies…Tick-tock…..

  10. It's amazing that Aaron was surprised about the Vitamin D being good for Covid – Not knocking on Aaron at all, I just think it highlights exactly what censorship has done to us in rapid time.

    One of the world's best investigative journalists was not aware of one of the key factors in determining good health outcomes with Covid infections…

    So what hope do any of us have? This information really should be common knowledge 18 months into this "pandemic"… and it's just really highlights how screwed we are.

  11. Bay of Tonkin, in Vietnam.
    Weapons of mass destruction, in Iraq.
    Al-Qaeda cells at Kabul, in Afghanistan.
    Chemical weapon attacks, in Syria.

    Every excuse the US uses to attack someone turns out to be fiction. At least they are consistent.

  12. Well done to Aaron and the people involved in this project …
    The obviously staged cellphone video of insurgents wearing gasmasks seems to be designed to actually discredit the idea that they launched the gas attacks.
    A kind of double bluff?

  13. The honesty and love for justice and humanity is as evident as the reporting and the study. We certainly are allowing the wrong people to run the world…

  14. We probably didn't bomb because of how shit OUR proxy forces were at trying to do the setup. They filmed the actual bombs and stuff instead of only victims.

  15. Great work guys. It is too bad that the political power in this world still believes 3 buildings collapsed into dust in seconds into their own basements with a story stating that these 3 collapses were caused by 2 airplanes crashing into 2 buildings. Structural steel buildings do not collapse the way the story is portrayed by the corp media and this story caused the killing of millions of people in the middle eastern countries. The story is still strong and the dreamers are still dreaming. I believe all your work here will go the way that the analysis by Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth has gone. But, a valiant effort I must say.

  16. This is brutal. These guys completely destroy the garbage propaganda fed to the public to justify US intervention. This is the final nail. Great job Aaron Mate!

  17. Even if Assad did gas his people I like how the US responded by attacking them too. It’s like getting mad at someone for beating their kid and then punching their kid in the face to stop them.

  18. Lol.. Those idiots also claimed that pro-Russian separatists shot down MH-17. They are self-proclaimed business people who want to sell their product – Rootclaim. Can't wait to see them working for Western intelligence…sigh

  19. Great reporting as always. In the editing, I would ask for more "side-by-side" showing 3d modeling and video evidence. It is possible to skip between the two but would be easier to understand at a glance with this in consideration.