Syrian Missile Lands Near Israeli Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Just a thought, why won't Syrian's use their S400s to defend against Israeli jets? Where is Russia? Putin should have a chat with his mate Netanyahu to stop his shit.

  3. Here's a fun fact for you guys: This incident (and another incident related to a sensitive missile factory in Israel) both happened on the same day; the eve of the anniversary of the establishment of the IRGC (April 22nd, 1979).

  4. This was a ground to ground ballistic missile attack by IRAN . they didnt want to blow up dimona . Just a earning shot ! it exploded beside dimona shows how precise it was . stray anti air craft missile fling to dimona is BS from the Isreali . Dimona is already cracked and leaking for years . they refuse to shut it down

  5. This is Syria and Iran showing Isreal they can actually hit their nuclear plant at anytime. Isreal will claim they are victims while they do the exact thing in the first place.

  6. Someone very clever wanted to raise the issue that THERES A FUCKING NUCLEAR REACTOR MAKING BOMBS IN PISSREAL THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT . why arent weapons inspectors in Israel ??

  7. Unexpected consequences? An Israeli plane
    LEADS a Syrian missile to nearly hitting a nuclear facility?
    Israel is playing with fire. The US should stop giving them matches!

  8. Sounds like a warning shot, in that you don't need a nuclear weapon to cause a nuclear fallout. Maybe Iran shouldn't go with nuclear energy and just switch to solar.

  9. In the past 20yrs of endless wars and attacks on sovereign states makes Russia and China combined look tame compared to the US. I don't even want to go back farther in time , you get the picture.

  10. IsraHell is leading itself to its own destruction. Imagine it rains on them thousands of these rockets, and eventuate will. Literally will be wiped off in seconds not even days.