Syria’s post-war recovery challenges US hegemony

Pushback with Aaron Maté
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After defeating the US and its allies’ decade-long dirty war, Syria is finding ways to rebuild under US military occupation and crippling sanctions/economic warfare.

Author Tim Anderson discusses Syria’s post-war recovery under sanctions and occupation; routine Israeli bombings and Russia’s failure to stop them; Syria joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative; and, in the wake of recent New York Times exposes on deadly US airstrikes that were covered up in Syria, how the US used ISIS as a tool for regime change while claiming to fight it.

Guest: Tim Anderson. Writer, academic, and Director of the Sydney-based Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies. His books include “The Dirty War on Syria” and “Axis of Resistance.”

Discussed in this segment:

Tim Anderson: “Syria: Why the US massacre at Al-Baghouz?”

Aaron Maté: “To keep troops in Syria, US leaders are lying like in Afghanistan”

New York Times: “How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria”

See also this new NYT exposé, published after this interview was recorded:
“A Dam in Syria Was on a ‘No-Strike’ List. The U.S. Bombed It Anyway.”

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  1. Yes, i agree with Anderson. If you notice the U S didn't attack ISIS and ISIS only attacked other Muslims countries, not Israel or western countries. I think the U S also wanted to control the very important Syrian port that the Russians are in.

  2. Look like the Us official that's discussing sanctions is eating all the food that's supposed to go to Syria that's what's happening what America is doing in the region is criminal go home Yankee.

  3. The West Especially US and his gang's member (NATO) are very proud to be a free Country (democratic) and portrait itself as World Humans Right protector . does it means they are Free to Kill ? They will not apologies even they cause or killed so many civilian in Afgan , iran, syria, iraq, libya. There is no compensation or even apologies for the wrong doing. This is the arrogance of the US & Allies to bully other nation. current USA government do not really represent majority Americans , it just represent some big company and some very rich people with bad agenda Free Julian assange has been kidnap by UK and US for revealing the US war crime

    In order to fight evil USA government . STOP buying US assets, STOP saving in US dollar and reduce using US dollar in transaction anytime possible.

  4. US politicians are trained to Lie, to Cheat and to Steal . USA compete by send the warship to your front door, create a gang of mafia country to bully China (ASIA NATO, the QUAD, AUKUS ) , Spreading fake news about humans right , virus, etc Banning selling equipment and chips to China in order to compete with Hua wei . Detain / Kidnap other country citizen ( Meng Hua Zhou) , Sanction any company that do not benefit to US. Topple other government (Syria, iraq, Libya, etc) and in the process killed so many muslims . please Have This Channel In Indonesia Language. So many Fake news About This Virus and west propaganda

  5. Just as long as the international community goes along to get along and keep up with the pretense of international order without calling out the ongoing crimes of the US, these murderous sanctions will continue in Syria or elsewhere. I believe the US empire has killed more people around the world and spread more misery through sanctions than any other nation in the industrialization age. I am not a religious man but I really hope there is comeuppance and karma.

  6. So sad and sickening to know the evil details of the actions being taken by the coalition of US-IIsrael-Sauidi Arabia. As an American thoroughly disillusioned by the depravity of my government and military, I can only hope that this coalition is defeated. God bless Russia.

  7. do these verbiage machines ever check .. What is the general or cumulative effect of this bullshit mainstream media – this endless speculative analysis – Nothing changes a violent state and thug bastards killing each other.

  8. 9:18: If there can be anything more distracting, it’s the fat American on the screen who, in addition, positions himself so that the viewer looks at him directly into his thick chin. In the 9th minute we watch a fat mcdonald donut lover, with, I'm pretty sure, clogged arteries and high blood pressure and health insurance covered by the state, who in the same breath denies bread and health to beautiful people living on the other side of the world. Let's think about it! The Western liberal viewer should start looking at America and its vassals the way they are.
    An outstanding interview, an outstanding interlocutor. Grateful for any news the quasi-free world is doing on our behalf. People in the US can’t afford insulin, they live in tents, their children live in tents, but if they were asked if they should show a lesson to Russia, they would shout yes. The media wants war bcs the US has been fighting it for 300 years, starting w/ the Indians, but they have never felt war on their skin. Aside from seeing exhausted veterans, there have always been others who have suffered

  9. ISIS was a creation of the U.S. just like Al Qaeda. I know this show can't really go there in order to prevent a ban from YT but I wish there was a well researched media org that could do stories on these well-founded allegations.

  10. Look at this person who is likely 20 years younger than I am but looks 20 years older trying to express that economic sanctions in this world are a good thing. This fat fn oldman kid is typical of the people running the administrations in the US and other western countries and what make up the most hideous and largest terror organization of our world today. Just ashame of myself for actually looking at the US as a community of people I was wanting to thrive too in my younger life. My Dad warned me of the US when I was a teenager and that I first pushed back on but woke from the Dream in my late teens and realized that my Dad had the front row seat of how the US does this even back in WW2 where he was a Comms Officer and saw the US propoganda first hand. He lost many friends in that war and lost most of his youth in the 5 years he served. Never will any of my children or grandchildren ever risk their lives for the Owners of the US and the so called "free western world" countries!

  11. Thank you for calling the Zionist corrupt so-called counrty the backyard of Israel as the regime in Jordan.The regime in Jordan plays an active part in the terrorist war against Iraq and Syria.

  12. Let's face it…most Americans couldn't give a crap about the region. They only care about living in their Hollywood fantasies so there is no point informing US citizens what the government does.

  13. I love your work man, amazing what you can achieve with integrity and honesty. Keep up your great work.
    I also follow your dad's work. He is a genius too. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😃😃😃😃

  14. Tim emphasizes the early December 2016 (12/05?) attack on SAA positions near Deir Ezzor. I was following that situation of a siege by ISIS that had entrapped a hundred thousand civilians, protected by about 5000 Syrian military for maybe a year and half by then. Just a day or two before the attack I read an article on SANA or South Front announcing that the Russians had just completed training of a unit of 1000 Syrian Marines to be airlifted into Deir Ezzor airport to bolster the city' s defense and to cross the Euphrates and build a bridgehead for taking back the eastern half of the province. That may explain a lot about the timing of the Coalition attack.

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