“T-cell exhaustion after multiple vaccinations should be considered” (from Livestream #157)

Hybrid herd immunity
Antibody propaganda

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #157 (originally streamed live on Jan 14, 2023):


Chevaisrakul et al 2023. Hybrid and herd immunity 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 exposure among individuals from a community treatment program. Scientific Reports 13 Article number: 763

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  1. Question from Canada – "Quant Spike Total Antibody" test done 4 months post 2nd (and last ever Aug '21) Jab levels were almost 700 no C19 infection, then RE tested again at 7 months post 2nd jab (still no C19 infection) and they went down to almost 500. The got C19 this past June at 10 months post 2nd jab and RE tested again and they were >2499.99. It has been "about" 18 months post jabs and 7 month post "infection" and again RE tested and they are still >2499.99!! HOWEVER I had the very MILDest cold during my blood draw (tested the day B4 for C19 and it was Neg – just to have a baseline and to be sure, not that I trust the test but for shits and giggles I did it) So the Quant Spike Total Antibody blood test specifically designed to detect C19 "spike" can't be "trusted" as it can pick up ANY Coronavirus it seems, even the mildest cold? Do I have this right? or perhaps I am missing something? So the spike in other words is present in ANY Coronavirus!?! Dose this test test for SPIKE levels? or antibodies AGAINST the spike? OR other???? Thank you!

  2. There's no such thing as 'viral immunity'. That's because there is no proof/evidence, and there never has been of such a thing as viruses that cause disease/illness. That's the only reason one needs to know of why not to take a vaccine of any type. So called 'viruses' are but exosomes created by the body in response to some imbalances/toxicity in the body – their presence is not an indicator as being the cause, but rather that the body is working to correct/restore ones state of balance/health.

  3. I meet many people like mysellf who had two shots but will have no more. The first one was taken after a risk/benefit analysis. I am a fat old woman, not prone to allergic reactions, and willing to take one for the team. I was having doubts before shot #2, but by that time we were in the Delta wave and good John Campbell begged us to getbtje second shot. NO MORE!

  4. Just saw a paper, today, on long haulers who had finally died, but who had been repeatedly tested as "PCR negative" for up to hundreds of days. The virus was deep in the lung tissue but didn't show in the nose in the tests.

    "Stay healthy" is not a "greeting"; each of us needs to do all we can, seriously, like the old song:
    "You got to walk that lonesome valley,
    You got to walk it by yourseeeelf [and continue to keep your vitamin D levels up to paar]
    Oooh nobody else can walk it for you,
    You got to Waaalk it by yourself.

  5. Dr Ryan Cole (Mayo Clinic pathologist) has been speaking about T-Cell’s being suppressed. My youngest sister went from full of life to dead within weeks. She had melanoma 3 1/2 years ago. Had a check up in February and was given good report. She received both “things” and died within 5 months of second one. 😭

  6. We have emperors new clothes situation! No one wants to say the guy is naked! The Covid vaccine failed to make mucosal immunity, which would have been required for herd immunity of this respiratory disease.

  7. Sam Harris seems to think you are mentally deranged, by the Covid situation. He says if this was a fatal disease to kids, no one would risk listening to you guys! We would all cancel you, and we would not indulge you with debate?

  8. The ultimate invasion.
    It saddened me to get sacked and abandoned by many long term clients, abused and persecuted by my community and government, but for me as an individual and a healthcare provider, I will not abandon the part of humanity that despite being scared and suppressed, knows damn well they are being abused.

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