Taiwan is a Country… China is Not

The government of Taiwan is the sole legitimate authority over all China.


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  1. Whatever the two (Twin) 'Quantum Computers', One at Brookhaven National Laboratories New Mexico, and the one located at Lawrence Livermore Labs 'Q-bits *'' out will decide whether China goes or not. Each Quantum Computer contains 4 Physical Cores – CPUs, but what really determines its efficiency is the number of Logical Cores – CPUs, a highly Underestimated 50 Trillion, by way of the third-bit logical state (The choice of one of the two Logical states at the same time 1 and 0. – both 1 and 1, both 0 and 0, and so on) as the logic state "Tunnels" through time and space instantaneously from one state to another (Like a coin flipping in the air, and both sides are up at the same time – Let's call this the TRUE STATE as opposed to when the bottom switches to UP – OR, FALSE) formally known as "Fuzzy logic". Post Quantum computing… it's no longer fuzzy anymore, it has become TRUE LOGIC (1 or 0 – or better, TRUE OR FALSE). So, we have a total of 8 Cores and 100 billion logical cores working out world events, along with some Ocalizim over there at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva Switzerland along the border with Germany.
    * Quantum-Bit, a Third logical state, as I stated above. This is where Ocualtism comes into play. It's the AI program "code" injected into the Two Computers

  2. Quite funny how Americans still think that their army can rip someone in pieces while it basically haven't done it in decades, esp with their new inclusive soldiers which already showed it's glory with several major incidents including one sole reason of which were some feminists not wanting to speak with each other.

  3. There should be a world trading alliance that includes virtually everyone except China.
    The dirty commies need to be put in their place.

  4. The corporate state will never hold China accountable, let alone cut off profitable trade. They've just proven they'll even overthrow the government. Crony capitalism is here to stay.

  5. Any particular reason why you are allowing anti-Semitism and threats on your page, Styx, and actually deleting the debunking and critical responses to that??

  6. Trump would have got it done. Biden won’t. It’s a big part of why the tech firms worked so hard to take Trump down, failed, and needed to use an obviously rigged election scheme to take control.

  7. Thanks Styx! I catch you both here on yt and alt tech, that is subscribe on both types. Good to watch you here if only to let yt know how important your voice is.

  8. Styx suggesting the west do real man shit, but the sentiment of the west at this very moment is completely effeminate. Nobody in these governments is capable of even a hostile thought unless it's against their own constituents and the last guy who simply showed what having a vertebrae can do or looks like, you saw what they did to him. ??‍♂️

  9. Long live Taiwan make tibet and Hong Kong independent nations and yes i tried to lead a student union that would have made a school district an independent academic republic

  10. Also-you csn look-(or dig for wherever they're at on y-t)-the ADV china.Some great videos by two Brit-?- IT trchd that lived in CChina and now in Taiwan. They did/do a kind of travelog on a local areas while on motorcycle.

  11. How I will know Cena from now on –
    Cena: The China Shill

    When you’re literally begging on a video to the godD C C P. You’re a SHILL. A play thing, in their eyes. He’s now a living embodiment of an action figure that parrots “Pooh bear is my daddy!”

  12. We need to full on embargo of China and start fining businesses that continue to manufacture over there. If nothing else the plandemic has proven we can be financially and physically manipulated by China due to the fact we have no manufacture in the US anymore.

  13. The thing about China is that they are extremely racist. Not the fake non existent western racism. The old fashioned, "we are superior and everyone else is below us" kind of thinking.