Taiwan’s Military Shoots Down Chinese Drone

Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone that flew over its Kinmen Islands. Are Hollywood and China heading for a breakup? China doesn’t seem to be the cash cow that it once was for Hollywood. Millions are put under new Covid lockdowns, including the city of Chengdu with 21 million people. China’s strict lockdowns are taking a toll on its economy, making investors very wary.

Protesters CRUSHED by Police | Henan Bank Protest

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  1. Que coisa, sabe quando o cara esta acostumado a dar para alguém, e gosta, larguem esses estúpidos mongoloides de vez, fazer filme com dinheiro dessa raça que é tão obtusa que é incapaz de se reconhecer como tal. Esse produtores deviam logo levar suas genitoras e entregar para eles,. parece que quanto mais apanham mais gostam,já não basta a Africa, magoadinhos com os europeu maldosos, ficaram independentes e, quando se esperava que fossem tomar rumo próprio, não, resolveram arrumar um monte de brigas entre si e agora resolveram experimentar virar colonia de comunistas.

  2. Why aren't the yankeedoodles deploying nukes in Taiwan? I mean, didn't the USSR try deploying nukes in Cuba (right next to the US – our friends/world police)? It all seems normal and right, right?
    Good thing the US have an armada of naval ships parked outside China – because that's OK – unlike China parking ships outside the US, because THAT would be a provocation, naturally. Hmm, maybe I should read up on how China has been F'd over by the Western alliances over the years and ponder why China would consider defending themselves better. How many wars have China started? How many countries have China invaded, vs the Yanks? Merica No.1! Just like the school shootings – thoughts and prayers.

  3. I had suspicions from the beginning that the CCP released Covid-19 intentionally to address the country's terrible demographics of too many unproductive elderly for the shrinking workforce to support for long. This insane seeming "zero Covid-19" policy has to have a hidden purpose. Perhaps the party does not want the people noticing that the elderly are being decimated while no elderly party members seem to be getting sick.

  4. I thought the Chinese, were very concerned about their citizens health, with the covid restrictions. But I just found out, how unhealthy their food is. It's filled with chemicals and additives, also, food that isn't really food. One dish, is shredded cardboard, with spices, or flavors of some kind !

  5. When you show headlines and you show a quote from the article, you need to leave an extra second or two for the viewer to see the headline that the article you're quoting is from. Cant see it with the quote covering it. Also you should just leave the headlines up long enough for a person to read it without pausing

  6. Good China should take there shit drones and leave Taiwans airspace. Uh-oh Here comes Mazda lmfao. The country with the trashiest cars thinks they can take anyone on yeah ok. What are there missiles made of plastic lmfao.

  7. Chengdu is mostly released from lockdown. They were locked down like two weeks ago. Chongqing (30 million people) was also locked down last week but they were released two days ago. Tardy to the party brother.

  8. One real stupid question – How do you "lock down" a city without having people who are outside and wandering around to make sure that people aren't outside. Seems like it really can't be "locked down."

  9. It is fair karma for China to be fighting covid. They are responsible for so many deaths in the world and continue with their stupid ideas of wanting to rule the lives of other nations and be bothering the search for a life in peace.

  10. despite having covid and no momey in the banks when people will withdtaw. but i womder why ccp is busy with ongoing BRI projects in solomon island, cambodia,laos etc some of the money were diverted to the BRI projects. people are suffering in china but ccp doesnt care. they are busy building not only BRI infrastracture but miltary bases as will. as we can see at the BRI map, ccp had already bulit some of the military bases according to the map because these are strategic location not only for ecomy but militarily as well. how i wish BRI projects should be stop because many had fall into debt trap.

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