Taking on Daniel Andrews

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. This is just my opinion but I'm wondering how anything except labor/Liberal can win an election when most of us here already know elections are rigged. Don't you think this looks futile ? Case in point on fed elections is UAP. They achieved nothing except for one senator and Clive Palmer had stated their preferences to libs. I feel this is a controlled opposition deflection op. Can anyone tell me if this party will achieve anything ? Bosi promised stuff and nothing eventuated as an example. sorry if I'm playing devils advocate here.

  2. When the goons coming knocking at the door to threaten you to shut up and either join them or else.. Many join, as we know where you and you loved ones end up with option 'Or Else.'

  3. I'll give Morgan credit. Since he detached himself from those Globalist shills RDA, he has started to form decent policies (or policy positions) and earn back my respect.

  4. The trouble is, politicians can make promises but at the beginning of 2023 countries are about to sign the decisions of politicians over to the WHO. They can declare a pandemic, come into any country and impose their own restrictions and that countries politicians will be powerless to stop them.

  5. I'd be more than happy to associate with any God-fearing Victorians wanting to abolish this nonsense of having our state and country sold out to the WEF new world order.

    Psalm 111:10 – "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever."


  6. Its GREAT ro acrually HEAR SEE TRUTH…FINALLY !!!!!..
    Im in government residence… Im now paying nearly. 3/4. Of my Welfare…
    Im not only one either…
    This should also be
    STATE GOV problem to FIX…
    Dodgy-Dan has over $$$/ 91 MILLION… Get his money , he can afford everything…
    His been given pd. O. filles kick backs from other Governments. Ukraine via Zelensky & CCP..
    Go ask Kevin Rudd how he was able to afford his $$$$/ 14 MILLION Mansion ehh !!!!!..
    Now our children are being ABUSED at schools, MENTALLY…. This prooves
    these FAKE POLIES (since 1973) are after OUR CHILDREN !!!!!!!.
    2020, 1 MILLION children were SAVED UNDER Aussie Land..
    They were being trafficked through the TUNNELS. D.U.M.B.S….. As to why there was a locke down..
    C19 was a mix of a cold & Raidiation together…
    Also on the Cruises…
    Research. Truth will set ppl FREE….
    The word PARLIAMENT is French word…
    In English it means ** SPEAKS LIES **!!!!!
    Check yourselves…
    I look forward to these LIBS. LABS. GREENIE gloBAALISTs to be taken down… In Yeshuas name. Amen.
    May God Almighty MIGHTLY BLESS you Sirs in Yeshuad name. Amen

  7. Help please – Can anyone help to supply some advice as to how unvaccinated Victorians can look for work available to them? Of course, thanks to our government, over 99% of all jobs advise that vaccination is required. Where have others gone to get work?

  8. As a Victorian who left there 25 years ago… I have never been more happy with my decision to leave the corrupt communist state that is Victoria today…and the sad truth is that the inner city leftards will vote Dan back in again 🤦‍♂️

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