Talented Longtime Magic: The Gathering Artist Is FIRED For Following The Wrong People On Twitter

Wizards Of The Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering, has cut ties with talented longtime artist Therese Nielsen after it was revealed that she followed so-called controversial Twitter users like Mike Cernovich and InfoWars.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Oh fuck WotC. They may act all moral yet their parent company has been busted for hiring children as factory workers in China, they've been criticized for producing games that "reinforce gender stereotypes" (Easy-bake oven), they promote "dangerous unchecked capitalism" (Monopoly), allow you to play as literal Nazis, Imperialist Japanese, Communist Chinese and Soviet Union (Axis & Allies), and allow you to partake in "violent occupation and colonialism" (Risk). Yet I don't see them self cleansing their own brand and they would be stupid if they did. But hey if they want to self destruct their own company in the name of woke extreme-leftist culture, so be it.

  2. MidWestly aka The Quartering, has a ton to say about the people who run Magic. Go check his videos on on that, but yeah this is not one bit surprising giving the world today and corporations pandering BS.

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  4. I'd support the merit or your card game just on the standings of what you guys do as a whole and if you got the magic the gathering artist. Then there's no way I wouldn't support it let alone if it turns out to be a dope fantasy card game or like a political DnD card based system that way you can do some sort of pop ups.

  5. This is really depressing. But you know what they say, Get woke, go broke. Good luck wizards, Lots of people aren't going to tolerate a company that would do this to someone.

    infowars is a bit dicey though, but nobody should be canceled over following them.

  6. Force of Will… one of the, if not THE, greatest permission cards ever printed and she is responsible for its art. I bought all four of mine for $12/ea and I can't tell you how many games those cards have won me. Wizards dumped one their best artistic assets, one whose work was monumental in visually defining an important part of our modern mythology. Perhaps it's time to stop giving Wizards my hard earned cash.

  7. Actually this is the new age form of concentration camps. They don’t have to put you on a truck. They can just isolate you, get you fired and brand you. People online act like agents of the gestapo.

  8. She wasn't fired, idiot. Artists are independent contractors. She's not entitled to a customer. And, it wasn't because she "followed" the wrong people. She was sending autographed, free works to white supremacists. I don't give a shit how much you little cretinous shit-gibbons hate it, but the moment you associate with white supremacists, you're fucking done. And, bitch and moan all you want. The world is fucking done with you fragile piss-ants. Cry, complain, oh that evil left. No one cares about the emotions of racist alt-right incels. We're finished tolerating you. And, I hope that upsets you. Because, it will make the looks on your faces all the more gratifying with each time one of you single-digit in-breeders realizes you have no world left.

  9. Why should we cancel people due to who they follow? Doesn't the left understand that a fair majority follows Trump to get outraged? There is no outrage without the fire that they cause.

    I know this won't see the light of day because I'm a week late but GODAMN what about all the left wokest basement dwelling white outrage kids that support BLM even know it's not about BLM hot take.

    It's about daddy issues and their opinion is men are the reason I'm a fat lesbian and blue haired!!! hear me ROAR!!

    No but really in any company I don't care about your sexuality as a co worker, just do the job so I don't have to carry you that's all I ask geez.

  10. 5:00 I also don't think doubling down is the answer either, though. Although I agree that things like this are unreasonable, it seems like going deeper into the hole just to spite them isn't really going to solve anything. In reality, we should be trying to talk it out and understand the other's position. The reason the left feels like they need to resort to cancel culture is because they feel like they don't have an option; because otherwise, people have been unaccepting of any change at all.
    I'm really against cancel culture because it pushes people in the center further away, but if you want to do your part to help mitigate it as well, we should have open ears.

  11. The firing of Terese Nielsen was why I decided to stop buying MtG. I love the game but not what the corporate and encouraged social culture around it has become.

    I support immortal wizards exploring the multiverse and solving problems, I do not support intersectional and radical socialist politics interfering with the 'morality' of a fantasy card game.

    I'm waiting for the day MtG announces that the 'Black' and 'White' portions of the mana colour wheel are being renamed because they're racist.

  12. I don't even know what ZioCon means. I tried to find it and I still have no clue. It appears in one of the depictured tweets.
    I saw one tweet that people called racist. There is a hyperlink on Hipsters of the Coasts website "liked a number of racist tweets" and I would've loved if you guys would've analyst those tweets as well.
    One tweet was " 'I Voted for Trump' because I got sich of glibalist puppets" by Anonymous America from 8/17/17 and it showed a picture of Obama as a puppet. And another tweet from WeAreTheResistance! also from 8/17/17 "I Voted for trump, can we come together as one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all? #HealTheDivide" where it compared two different pictures that said "'Color Power' sacares people who aren't color". But the picture is cut and appearently there was another picture below it saying "This is the Only Power…". The rest of the comment was cut off.
    Those screenshots reminded me of the case were people posted one statement out of context "Sience should not stand in the way of this."