Tales from Mirror World #1 #bubbawallace

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  2. 13:24 OHHH FFS!!! Will you please quit with this idiotic leftist communist narrative that race is only skin deep, melanin is just the most visible aspect of race, but one of the least significant. The most radical and insurmountable differences lay in the brain.

  3. The animations are kino, who does them for you?
    Any open source stuff?
    I'm good at web dev but not so good at design.
    Some of those graphics might help haha

  4. Wow this caught my attention. Stephen Bing, and his father Peter Bing are two names I remember well. I audited their family trusts, partnerships and corporations a few years in a row. Never imagined someone so successful and from such a reputable family as far as I could tell would end up jumping off of his family’s (or his) OWN building.

  5. whoa what did you delete my comment. I said if you give me your email address I will send you a copy of my book to look at. in lieu of monetary contribution. information. …my comment deleted itself or was it you wtf?

  6. Listening to, and taking stock of, any messages from government or the mainstream media leaves you entirely exposed to 'human hacking.'

    BUT… if you place no value, or merit, in their lies, then you CAN'T get 'hacked'. Simple, easy, free.

    That said, their lies need exposing, so share the idea that we are all only as programmable and hackable, as we, as sovereign individuals, allow ourselves to be programmed and hacked. And then, that way, establishment programming and lies loses all potency, and their domination gets utterly compromised.

    It's all entirely the decision of the individual.

  7. If the driver is in their vehicle on a roadway and numerous people surround the car on the roadway, then if the driver leaves the scene in their car, they are not 'targeting' anyone. People need to stay off roadways with dangerous cars on them. Has it ever been legal to wander around, congregating in large groups, on roads with high speed vehicles on them?

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  9. That's why I try to tell people Donald Trump is no savior,he is just a narcissistic fool.That's why Assange is still locked up,and Israel still gets billions from the US to ethnically cleans Palestine.The west is just reaping what it has sown,ain't Karma a great thing.

  10. White males with guns are a threat to America? And there I was worrying about all those looters, murderers and bookburners, who attack journalists and build walls. Silly me.

  11. Idk if Bubba was aware that the rope was commonplace, but certainly the other drivers that walked behind him in their display of virtue had to have known that it was.

  12. I just "woke" to the fact I have a noose hanging from my garage door release AND one coming down from my retractable attic door!

  13. and Bubba Smollie and NASCAR use anything they can to claim racism. Didn't the slave owners breath? Better stop breathing then because it's racist.

  14. Wow I never understood you just helped thank you we are being made to feel shame for being who we where born to be.But why that I don’t understand

  15. I think the thousands of Epstein tapes and videos (Drugged and Drunk etc whatever was on them) are coming into FBI investigative light…. This guy got ID'd… He cant answer why he's on video but recalls invitation from mate Billy C…. Billy C just had another of his mates/associates "insurance/reliability" created on the island while drunk/drugged…. I think he then blew whistle on Billy C "favors" after the "parties" reason to be thrown…. or he was a very active participant, more reason to jump

  16. This is an incredibly IMPORTANT VIDEO. The way Ed articulates a difficult process..

    I watched it once a day ago..

    Some of the information resonated within me. Not sitting well.

    Ed hits on something BIG HERE FOLKS.

    Back for round 2!

    Thanks M8 for all the years of consistency and efforts✌️?✌️♥

  17. I always wondered why the German people turned against Jewish people in the 1930’ s. Now we are seeing the hate whites for whatever and confusion is the first step. I hope It can end before shake and bake doesn’t become something different for Rickie Bobbie.