Taliban Afghan Hell – Was it All DELIBERATE???

From the perspective of some of the most powerful people in the U.S., it may have been an extraordinary success. Notably, the boards of directors of all five defense contractors include retired top-level military officers.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russ, Mohammad Ali was stripped of everything when he refused to be drafted for Vietnam !..Gen. Milley What did you give up? NOTHING!!! Dean K. 72 y/o Vietnam Vet ( my best service time "Mate" was England 1972<76! Upper Heyford RAFB)

  2. I agree with Russel more than half the time, but I think we should have stayed in Afghanistan. There are definitely people who got rich off of it and that should be addressed, but Afghanistan was pacified and the quality of life for its people was improving. Now the Taliban are wreaking havoc with the tools of the American military. The civilian leadership of the westen world has failed it's allies abroad once again.

    America left troops and bases in South Korea, japan, Germany and look at how well those countries are doing today. Half hearted military campaigns reviel how the military-industrial-media complex operates. Pulling out just gives politicians an excuse to go back in and by the way, now we need new tech, cause they have all our old tech so we need an upgrade. What did our brothers and sisters die for if we're not gonna hold they're ground, or watch the backs of the friends they died to protect. Some CEO's bonus? Disgraceful

  3. Eisenhower warned the world back in the 50's about the military industrial complex and the power it already wielded back then. You are correct the various American so called defence contractors have cleaned up for a long time not just the last 20 years while we interfered with Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. ​ Osama Bin Laden was not the leader of Afghanistan. In fact the Taliban actually agreed to hand over Osama Bin Laden to a third party country (i.e. Switzerland) where a trial could be held. The USA refused citing they do not negotiate with terrorists. This was as early as October 15 2001.Whether you believe this offer was genuine is another matter, but the fact Bush the executive branch went to war without a formal declaration or consent of the legislature along with not consulting other branches when given this offer is a travesty.

    On another note, you could kill every tyrant over and over, but all you do is create power vacuums that result in even more violent societies. Take Syria for example.

  5. You way above my wave length. I'm trying to keep up. U just keep getting better. I now listen to you, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Kim Iverson. Sagaar and Crystal on breaking points. I'm checking out a few others. TKS for being a light house. We need more light and less dark

  6. The plan for Afghanistan was exactly what happened collapse, they tried to do the same to Syria when they knew full well the guy in charge didn't gas his own people. It was an attempt to remove him and put someone else in power. They wanted it to collapse. I was talking to one of my friends a couple days before this happened I told him how it was gonna go down because they did this already when Obama was in office, he pulled the troops out left our stuff and the taliban came right in behind us. Not to mention that the people we wasted trillions training gave their weapons up to them.

  7. I think war has its place which is an obvious statement but like you I think it should be an in and out operation, find the threat, take it out and go home. The only profit from war should be freedom of the people who are being harmed or killed nothing more, nothing less.

  8. You think they trained the Afghans for twenty years…then they just leave in the middle of the night without warning..and left billions of equipment..AND THE TALIBAN KNEW TO GO RIGHT TO IT!?!..

  9. General Dynamics, that explains a lot, and the Pfizer Quarry is just a couple of towns over lol. I know this much, if they're putting Anything they've mined from this region into that vaccine We Are ALL Doomed! I have come to call this place The Devil's Dinner Bowl.

  10. I enjoy the insights that you bring Russell. As muslims we have also suffered hugely at the hands of the media moguls and machinations of economic super power figureheads (hidden and aparrent). We are the scape goats of the 20th century. Something to distract the public while the politicians surreptitiously carry on their clandestine activities. We have been painted as a backward people however this could not be further from the truth. I believe that Islam is the answer to all our problems and by that I don't mean what the media machine has inculcated the global population with, I mean real justice and equality and peace.

  11. Trump was the one that made the order's to get our troops out of Afganistan. Just because a president leaves office does not mean when he leaves his orders stop and the harm or good he did last for decades.

  12. Bush lied to us he just wanted to go to Iraqi and get Saddam Hussein for his father. Although he and his son were horrible dictators. Remember it was Obama that got him and that was 10 years later. Obama started withdrawing them then but would not let most go home because the elite wanted them there. Trump ordered is to leave without a plan while in Joes term. Joe agreed it was time. Clearly we were lied to and there was no plan. We are the best military in the world and we did not train them better than that. They dropped there weapons without even trying. It seems all a set up.

  13. Gruman is the same company that made the post office LLVs back in 1987…two piece seat belt no air bags transmission failure sent me into a tree sideways at 40 miles per hour…I'm amazed I didn't get killed. I'm off work while they Investigate and while doing said investigation they are refusing to pay me until I'm back at work. I should be able to sue these fucking people for lack of maintenance on the vehicles. But I'm sure they have some legal loophole and you can't fight the government through the legal system.

  14. The US simply took advantage of the stupidity & greed of radical Islam, and made the hunter become the hunted. The Islamic world hasn't evolved & fights to remain in an ancient times mindset, while in possession of massive wealth. This enables any and all developed societies to profit off their ignorance. These greedy companies are just being legally opportunistic.

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