Taliban CALLS OUT Facebook for Speech Censorship

Krystal and Saagar analyze a claim made by the Taliban that western tech companies such as Facebook censor speech on their platforms

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  1. People need to accept that we lost our corrupt little war and that the Taliban IS the legit gov't of Afghan now. We can extend the same legitimacy to them that we extend to the Saudis or any number of authoritarian gov'ts around the world.

  2. Part of living in a free society is having to accept that some people will never agree with you and certain policies may never gain widespread support. Those 'tolerant' people on the left need to learn tolerance of people with different views.

  3. The very existence of the Taliban, KKK or Nazis prevents their targets/victims (gays, women, brown people, Jews, whoever) from speaking freely. So not only is it ok to cut them off from access to the modern technology they didn't play any part in creating, it's ok to KILL them in large numbers by surprise with such tech.

  4. Facebook, Twitter et al aren't claiming to be government with exclusive control over peoples lives. And #freespeech is a failed legal theory not applicable in Europe or Canada or Commonwealth. It's ruined the USA, Israel India and Brazil rather completely.

  5. Well the problem is that we can’t do the same because we don’t speak their language and thus can’t fully understand their culture.
    Those high level Taliban all speak English and have a much better understanding of our culture than we have of theirs which gives them a massive advantage. Same is true for China and Russia.

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