Taliban Is Having Sex With Dead Bodies As Joe Biden Flees Afghanistan



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  1. Joe Biden doesn’t have the first clue about being a president. He has failed all American citizens around the world and at home. It’s been one bad decision after another. All the way from our border with Mexico to the SHIT SHOW in Afghanistan. You can’t negotiate with people that are still living in caves. Russia found that out when they were there, that’s why they just walked away too. The Afghanistan people just want the rest of the world to fight their fight for freedom. If you aren’t willing to fight for freedom yourself you will never get that freedom.

  2. VP Harris visited what many news sources are calling a memorial to the late Senator John McCain and laid flowers in tribute, on the third anniversary of his death. It struck me as odd that the North Vietnamese would have a MEMORIAL to a US fighter pilot who bombed the country. So I did hours of research, okay minutes, and on Wikipedia I found that this is actually a monument to the anti aircraft crew that that shot him down. As you can see on the Wikipedia page (Truc Bach Lake) if you look at the monument you will see what appears to be a pilot on his knees with hands raised and apparently the caption honors his capture. . So let me get this straight, at about the same time American Marines were being killed in Kabul by a massive bomb the Vice President of the United States was placing flowers at a monument glorifying the capture and confinement of American military personnel.

    I have no doubt she thinks this is a memorial to McCain (McCain visited the site after his election to the Senate, there are photos of him there, so it is not a memorial to him), as does her staff, and that explains everything that these morons are doing wrong.

  3. Biden says the worst thing that ever happened to earth was us whites. Jesus is white revelation 1:12 to 16. So is Adam eve Mary Mathew mark Luke John Paul Peter Sara Jacob Joseph Isaiah Abraham Noah

  4. I don't think, i ever missed a President, this much before. Was not until watching the videos of Shit happening November 3rd 2020, with the counting after 3am. Not to mention Ashley Babbit innocent female, being shot and killed. Sadly it's only going to get worse. There is no way out of this debacle. Except maybe 2022 which is still 434 fucking days away. That is to many of this bullshit Administration.

  5. Prepare to defend yourselves Patriot's, against all threats both foreign AND domestic. The potato, well most likely the potatoes handlers just Willy nilly pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving American citizens, Afghan citizens that helped our troops exposed and trapped within a hostile nation that is now controlled by one of the most brutal and sadistic terror groups that exists. These sadistic Taliban members will now most likely torture and brutally kill all those we've left behind. Next, take into account the amount of deadly military hardware this fraudulent administration just abandoned without destroying, or perhaps that was the potatoes plan the whole time. After all, the guy that the potato served under at the white house just loved secretly arming and bank rolling terrorist groups. So I guess the potato is just copying what he learned from Obummer's administration. But make no mistake, the Taliban will use that surrendered arsenal to attack America and its allies, especially Isreal. I believe that attacking Isreal is the endgame that this fraudulent administration sought after by leaving all of those sophisticated weapons for the Taliban to use. Let's see, isn't that TREASON??? Aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States IS Treason, right???
    Now is the time for ALL good people to come to the aid of our country.
    If not now, when?
    Remember, The ONLY dangerous people are these DemonRat's that are constantly trying to punish and disarm law abiding citizens EVERYTIME some crazy (usually leftist) idiot goes out and hurts or kills people. They NEVER address the the real problem of trying to disarm the criminal element instead of law abiding gun (and yes AR 15) owners why is that you might ask? Because these DemonRat's know full well that an ARMED population will not get into their NAZI style train boxcar's willingly. As long as we continue to remain armed they will never be able to force their true agenda upon us. What is that agenda? That would be the TOTAL CONTROL over EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, and ELIMINATING ALL those that oppose their one world/open border/ communistic/socialistic agenda. These communistic, Libtarded DEMONIC,RAT'S really do want to start a very UnCivil war, don't they? Remember,,,, NEVER AND I DO MEAN NEVER comply with these UNCONSTITUTIONAL demands, executive orders and or any unconstitutional infringements the DemonRat's call laws, and NEVER, EVER give up your firearms Patriot's, because it looks more and more like we are gonna need them soon, very soon. They're the only things standing in the way of the DemonRat's and their evil plans. Not only for Patriot's, but all of America, and yes snowflakes, you as well. Remember that Libtards, you are now Useless idiot's to the DemonRatic party. Also, it never ends well for those the government disarms. Just ask the Jewish people from NAZI Germany, or Soviet citizens under Stalin, or even the Chinese under Mao's rule. Oh that's right, you can't, because they we're killed or incarcerated by their governments after being disarmed.
    Why do these DemonRat's ALWAYS want to punish legal gun owners EVERYTIME a criminal commits a gun related atrocity? They have NO plan to take guns away from criminals only law abiding citizens. Think about it. Why else would they take the only means that citizens have to stand up to or defend themselves against a tyrannical government, a tyrannical government that is being manifested right now by the DemonRat's draconian, dictatorial policies that destroy the Constitution which then strips Americans of their Constitutional rights. The ONLY reason these DemonRat's want to disarm Americans is to gain total control over EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that all people say and do. Once disarmed, there will be no way to prevent the DemonRat's from doing anything their EVIL minds can come up with. Think Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, and the millions of their own people that were slaughtered after being disarmed. We can't let that happen. Again, NEVER COMPLY with their anti Constitutional policies and RESIST their attempts to divide us as Americans. Fore a house divided cannot stand and will surely fall. Unless we as Americans can come together and re-embrace the Constitution as it was written the DemonRat's will succeed in their EVIL plans for DESTROYING America and the America's people. The UnCivil war may be our only recourse to preserve our Constitutional Republic.
    Libtard's are Communist's plain and simple.
    DemonRatic sheeple who blindly follow and believe whatever their DemonRatic masters say or do are morons, just sayin'. 😂
    Remember, liberal DemonRat's will ALWAYS accuse their opponents of EXACTLY what they are GUILTY of themselves and it has ALWAYS been this way for DemonRat's. But again, I digress.
    Also, the way things are going, America probably will not survive the first year of this illegitimate DemonRatic administration of Mr. Potatotard and the heel's up hooker, let alone 4 years of this DemonRaticlly planned destruction of America. But then again, that was part of the DemonRatic party's plan all along, wasn't it?
    Patriot's, we need to Secede from this now Communistic DemonRaticlly controlled country and form our own freedom loving Constitutional Republic. Just sayin'.
    Don't be fooled. Once they disarm the American People we shall suffer the same fate as the Jews suffered at the hands of NAZI Germany under Hitler's final solution that brought about the Holocaust, or the extermination of the Jewish people.
    Secession from the new banana republic of the ununited states of communist america is very necessary now. These fraudulent idiots are out to destroy this once great nation. It is time to rise up and take America back and save her from these satanic DemonRat's.
    78 million Patriot's are now in the NCRP, the New Constitutional Republican Party, which is the Republican party minus the RINO'S. There were only 6 to 10 senators and 8 to 12 congressmen that could possibly be part of the new NCRP. All of the rest had better enjoy their now limited days in office.
    DemonRat's lie to get what they want and their sheeple like anquifa and Burn Loot Murder and even the Fake News lamestream media are just a means to an end and will be disposed of once the DemonRat's have no use for them anymore, and you're just figuring this out now? Damn, y'all really ARE stupid, aren't you? Look they committed fraud to get Biden in and now they don't need you anymore. How does it feel realizing that y'all are just useful idiot's to the DemonRatic party. Enjoy…
    I will not be taking this rushed vaccine for a virus China unleashed upon us and also has a fatality rate of less than 1% for normally healthy people, so Absofuckinlutely No mark of the beast (💉💉vaccine 💉💉) for me.
    This faux virus is the biggest hoax played upon humanity in order to manipulate not only the population, but our election as well by mandating mail in ballots which are notoriously fraud ridden. Using this virus which is no worse than the seasonal flu to force masks upon people in order to weaken them and also force people to isolate themselves from each other so that they cannot band together and perhaps fight against these tyrannical forced mandates and the DemonRat's that impose them. We all need to look no further than the DemonRatic party and the Chinese government which controls the DemonRat's. If you think you can prove me wrong, (with receipts), then I welcome your "Proof", that's if you can truly provide any. Wake the Fuck up America, there is still time, but it is growing short…
    Remember, WWG1WGA…
    Also, anquifa and burn loot murder crowd have now become the useless idiot's of the DemonRatic party. Who didn't see that happening??? 😂 BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😷😂🙈😂🙉😂🙊😂😷
    Well, satan has installed his minions into our government through their obvious cheating and fraud and helped along by their fearmongering lamestream media lapdog's. Who are these minion's you might ask? Hmmmmm, let's see, there's the pedophile an chief with dementia biden and heels up hooker harris who sucked its way to where it is now. Along with the rest of their pre installed congressional and senatorial minion's. The blind deaf and dumb sheeple who follow these demons will be dumped along the wayside, at least until they're needed again. I have to laugh at these MORON'S. But not to worry you DemonRatic sheeple. You'll reap EXACTLY what you have sown.
    Also hear this you Libtarded DemonRat's. Do you think we are going away DemonRat's? Oh no, it has only just begun. You see, we remember your continually escalating shitty behaviour over the past 4+ years and you can and should believe this, we plan to repay you all in full and with interest. Now I'll let you try and figure out what that might mean, but I really don't have a lot of faith in your limited ability to do so. But I digress… 😂😂😂
    🇺🇸Semper Fidelis!!!🇺🇸
    🇺🇸Carpa Diem!!!🇺🇸

  6. Necophilia is a senate Islam.. So I don't think they're actually having sex with dead bodies. Maybe they raped a woman so many times it killed her and the guy didn't realize she was dead while he was still humping him away. By. But I don't think the body was dead before the person started

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