Talk to a Politician, Get Arrested

Taking a look at the local level.

Corruption at every level:
Scomo’s Political Trainwreck:

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Written by friendlyjordies


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  1. Do one about Dutton, I have lived in Dixion for 14 years I have seen him once. There was a town hall meeting in his electorate Wednesday night he didn't bother showing up. Another thing didn't Palmer sell that airport to the Chinese? And Scomo give Darwin port the them, as well as the land they picked up with Gina in the NT. She would be a massive LNP supporter.

  2. The Aussie Cossack Putin troll of Australian politics should be given a one-way ticket to Russia where he can report back on the political freedoms of the people living under the dictatorship of his hero, Valdimir Putin, and the crime syndicates he collaborates with..

  3. Stuart Robert is a dishonest buffoon. Could you please do a story regarding his incompetence and the massive scam he tried on with his internet connection?

  4. Now do one on Andrew Hastie.. If you do i'll come to your show.

    Have been trying to get some support on a major loophole in Federal law but he declined as he doesn't even know the correct law. (Have emails I can share with you)

    Since I proved him wrong, now he doesn't even reply back… Won't return calls.. hasn't even done a public meet this campaign when the UAP/Labor/Greens and independents all have.

    Andrew Hidie more like it…

  5. While Jack Lang will forever be cooler than me, at least I didn't defect from Labor and abolish their chances for elections around the 1950s preferencing the Liberals over Labor, and was an anti-communist. Who wants to be anti commie, you get more democracy, it's in the name!

  6. Nothing to see here, just another liberal politician who only wants to better themself, their career and their "mates" instead of trying to improve their electorate, state or country.

  7. That's the biggest issue with the Liberal Party – they see the country as a business they can run to ensure maximum profits for themselves. There's no looking out for and representing their constituents, it's getting in, weaseling and backstabbing their way to the top, and getting a fat, undeserving pension when its all over.

  8. I love your channel, and its people like you that hold the scum in our Parliments, State, Federal, and the whores in the major media only care about the tax payer dollars they get for hiding or misreporting the truth.
    Only one criticism, is there really any need for the what I class as poor humour, Im on the other side of 60 so maybe its me but I find it to be a turn off.
    Cheers Dennis.

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