Talking Rate Rises, RBA Policy And The Economy On The Radio

A segment broadcast Tuesday night after the RBA rate hike on 2nd August, as I discuss the implications of the rises on ABC Illawarra.

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  1. 1.85% is still a ridiculously low interest rate. And ever notice that the first concern is always "what about the poor borrowers". Savers are a distant after thought, if they are even thought about at all.

  2. The stupid part is that because the support businesses are being left behind the money velocity is decreasing to zero and the big guy has much more to loose in a lot of cases they will not be able to return unlike the ones they are counting on now

  3. Crazy world we live in sometimes. RBA prints lots of money, banks continue to lend with little or no capital adequacy. All these poor people who bought houses over the last few years are now going to struggle to pay off loans. As rates continue to rise so will defaults. Feels like a game of musical chairs and we always lose to the people who printed the money in the first place.

  4. Such a shame that only half a dozen people heard this on our State Funded Media giant.

    Why the proverbial didn’t you take this opportunity to rant on about the gas oligopoly and the coming explosion in energy prices? Not your best interview Mr. North.

  5. How many times do we have to hear that Phillip Lowe said rates won’t rise until 2024🤷‍♂️…. Simple fact is rates were taken down too low & they NEEDED to rise significantly ! … the naive people that took out large mortgages to buy a house in this ridiculously overpriced housing market only have themselves to blame.

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