Tank in a sourrounding

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  1. The Budapest Memorandum is an international treaty signed on December 5, 1994 in Budapest, Hungary between Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia.
    The memorandum refers to Ukraine's nuclear disarmament and provides security guarantees for its independence. By this treaty, Ukraine renounced the Soviet nuclear weapons on its territory which were transferred to the Russian Federation. Instead, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia undertook as follows:

    The United States, the Russian Federation, as well as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine.
    The United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reaffirm their obligation to refrain from threatening or using force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except for self-defense or otherwise, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.
    The United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to refrain from economic constraints with a view to subordinating their own interest in the exercise by Ukraine of the rights inherent in its sovereignty and thus to obtain advantages of any kind.
    The United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reaffirm their commitment to seek immediate action by the United Nations Security Council to provide assistance to Ukraine, as a non-member state. nuclear weapons, a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, should Ukraine become the victim of an act of aggression or the object of a threat of aggression in which nuclear weapons are used.
    The United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reaffirm, in the case of Ukraine, their commitment not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon States, signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. , except in the event of an attack on them, their territories or dependent territories, their armed forces or their allies, by such a State, in association or in alliance with a nuclear-weapon State.
    The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be consulted if a situation arises that raises an issue regarding these commitments.
    After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine found itself in the position of being the third largest nuclear power in the world, with larger stocks of nuclear weapons than the United Kingdom, France and China combined. 1,900 nuclear warheads were transferred to Russian territory for destruction between 1994 and 1996. [3] The first shipment of nuclear weapons from Ukraine to Russia was by train in March 1994

  2. I like how some people are still going throughout their day casually driving through tanks….., must be moms taking kids to school.
    My mom: I know it's a war going on, but that IS not a good enough reason to miss a day of school!! now get yo ass in this car! 😕

  3. Small poem on what soldiers think:Thanx to Hardy 1902
    "Had he and I but met By some old ancient inn, We should have sat us down to wet  Right many a nipperkin!   "But ranged as infantry,  And staring face to face, I shot at him as he at me,  And killed him in his place. "I shot him dead because —   Because he was my foe, Just so: my foe of course he was; That's clear enough; although  "He thought he'd 'list, perhaps,  Off-hand like — just as I —Was out of work — had sold his traps —   No other reason why.  "Yes; quaint and curious war is! You shoot a fellow down .You'd treat if met where any bar is, Or help to half-a-crown."

  4. These are the times when recording is more important than fighting, the fact must be documented what is happening, but the NORMAL CITIZEN OF THE ATTACKED COUNTRY DOES NOT HOLD THE PHONE ONLY A RIFLE OR OTHER WEAPON THAT CAN DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY

  5. it is not surprising of you watching these films that the one who records them knows where to be and how to set up to record well … and set up an account on YT and earn thanks to the fact that you watch "these kind of recordings from hiding," how did he know where what? will be happening ????????

  6. 😠 This is exactly how ww2 started decades ago. Germany invaded Poland because Hitler wanted to liberate ethnic Germans in Poland from "an oppressive system" (That was just 1 of many of hitler's excuses) Putin & Belarus have just used the same exact excuse. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  7. The True Truths about Democratic Elections with the False or Fools' Ballots That All Brilliant Nobel Peace Prize Winners NEVER Knew

    1All the political elections in our world where the false or fools’ ballots were/are used must be very stupid, expensive, deceiving, cheatable and troublemaking.

    2Note that the word “false” is the Latin “falsus” (“deceived”), which is the past participle of the Latin word “fallere”, meaning “to deceive”.

    3The true “Ballot” must be a “Ballot”, that is literally, “Ball of Lot” or “Ball of Chance”, NOT a Paper. How plain! Where is your rocket intelligence? Don’t ever be deceived by the false (deceived) Ballot. Be Smarter than Smartmathic—that is why I don't vote to use the wrong ballot and to be abused in stupid political system that is mainly and meanly based on troublemaking or on NOT peacemaking religious and political psychopathic lies and deception. In 2019, Mike Pompeo was telling the true truth: “I was the CIA director [of USA]. We lied; we cheated; we stole. We had entire training courses [in stealing, cheating and lying].”

    4Thus, plainly, the false Ballots in all Democratic Elections must be intended to deceive, “scam, mislead, spam, or defraud” their users, the political voters and candidates, the troublemaking criminal acts that are NOT “allowed on YouTube” and must NOT also be allowed anywhere in our world for the sake of our true lasting love, happiness, unity, security, prosperity, justice, peace and order in this world.

    5I tell you truly, if the True Ballots would be used to elect or select our political leaders in USA or in all over the world, there would be peace on Earth.

    6Of course, it is just one of the wise things that we must do to change our troubled world into an untroubled world.

    7For more true truths that will set you free from the dungeons of politics and dunghills of religions, Google one of USA ta Mondomuni's true Holy Books, entitled:

    • Sophiocracy [Wisdom-Rule] Is the Highest Form of Democracy That Must Be Reached: The True Truths That Will Set You Free

    to Light Up or Make Bright, your minds like mine, a former Jewish Christian mind, so that we could have Peace and Order in the noosphere of our world that can be easily kindled or set on fire to explode like a giant hydrogen bomb in a religious and political thermonuclear war.

    The Communist Economic-Social Justice Must Be the Wise Solution of the Problems of Hungers and Wants, Peace and Order, Wars and Terrorisms: Were the Earliest Christian Communities Communist?

    1Yea si, my beloved brethren and sisters! The earliest Christian communities were Communist, and the basis of their good morality was what you can read in Ecclesiastes chapter 5: verse 9 KJV, “The profit of the earth is for all.”

    2Read also the King James Version of the so-called Bible in the chapter entitled “The Community of the Believers [Christians]” in The Acts of the Apostles chapter 2.

    3In there we can read in verses 41 to 47 that “they [the earliest Christians] continued steadfastly in the apostles’ [Communist] doctrine [that was, of course, the Communist doctrine of their Supremo Jesus Christ] . . . all that believed [in Jesus Christ or those who converted to Christianity] were together, and had all things COMMON.”

    4In chapter 4 of the same The Acts of the Apostles: verses 32 to 37, we can read that the earliest Christians “were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that aught of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things COMMON. . . Neither was there among them that lacked.”

    5Can’t you see what we, brilliant Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung, Vladimir Lenn/Putin, Plato, Pythagoras and USA ta Mondomuni, have long clearly seen? That was the good result of the Communism of the earliest Christians—“There were no needy persons among them.”(New International Version of the Bible)

    6But look at now the Christians: “There are NO tithes-and-money-offering Christian persons among them who are not needy except their neighbors, robbery extortionist pastors, ministers, rabbis or leaders and founders who are false or not truly Christians.”

    7That is by cause, through psychopathic lies and deceptions, ignorance and stupidity, they became anti-Communists, like the NATO leaders, and they don’t truly have communities: they only have yours-is-yours and mine-is-mine irrational selfishness. (But sadly “yours-is-yours and mine-is-mine irrational selfishness” is the “rational” under the psychopathic dome [doom] of Capitalism.)

    8Etymologically, the words “common” and “community” are from the Latin word “communus”, that is in English, “with task or duty”.

    9The very word “community” literally means “common or joint possession, liability, goal et cetera”.

    10“Community” is the “common, joint or united states (itas) of possessions”, that is, common or joint possessions of all lands or all natural recourses, which are the very Providence of our true all-loving Supreme Mother for the legitimate needs of all of us humans, good-looking or not good-looking.

    11By those true truths we can clearly see that the anti-Communists have long been shamelessly robbing from us our foods and drinks or our natural commonwealth by which from birth we all could have lived rich, normal, good, happy and peaceful lives.

    12Thus, the anti-Communists or anti-Commonwealth stupid people have long been committing heinous and atrocious crimes against us poor people, the 97.5 percent of the world population, which have long been causing us hungers, wants, hardships, diseases and deaths and which, for the sake of justice, peace and order, they must also be punished with the 97.5 percent increased intensity of our hungers, wants, hardships, diseases and deaths.

    USA’s Atheism and Communism Based on Correct

    Reasons and Sciences Are the Best Solutions for the Problems of Peace and Order, Hungers and Wants,

    Wars and Terrorisms

    1One past midnight I, a non-vicious vegetarian since childhood, was eating bananas like an old monkey at a fruit market along EDSA after I did a singing performance in a pub house when I personally witnessed a dirty mad man who was sitting in front of a garbage basket, reasoning and arguing angrily with someone, who was invisible to my own non-hallucinating eyes, that he was not a mad man.

    2It even confirmed my theory as a science that, by their mental disorders and wrong reasons, the fools don’t know they are fools.

    3There are so many kinds of fools or mad men and women in our world. All of them have thought disorders that are the common mental problems of all the conceited psychopaths and sociopaths.

    4Ignorance is the chief cause of their thought disorders that is more psychotropic than the drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana and the opium of the people.

    5The worst of those fools have been even revered as the wisest, righteous, gods, prophets, apostles, imams; rabbis, pastors, priests, popes, fathers et cetera.

    6For the privatization of toothbrushes and toothpicks, there are so many reasons.

    7For the privatization of lands or natural resources, there are also so many reasons. But what we normal people like are the correct reasons that are based on correct knowledges or sciences, like those used to reach the true truth or true wisdom that 1+1=2, NOT 1+1=1 (John 10:30).

    8Indeed, it is correct knowledges or sciences:

    • That we are all created equal . . . equal in possession of the whole world;

    • That “the profit of the earth is for all”. (Ecclesiastes 5:9 KJV—it is a book of the Bible, containing thoughts about the wealth or riches of the earth, life and its meaning.)

    • That every human being has the birthright to the full benefit of the Providence, that is, ALL the lands or natural resources, that are the Foreseeing love and care of our true All-Loving Supreme Mother over ALL of us Her beloved Children, Chinese or not Chinese, good or not good. (The Supreme Mother is the First Matter, First Space and First Time, the true Supreme Being, who is NOT the Dyaus (Theos) Pitar, that is, Sky Father, NOR God, NOR any of the supposed father supreme beings in any religion.)

    • That in every second a human being is born in our world.

    9It is the mental order and correct reasons, therefore:

    • That even the perfectly equal partition and privatization of all lands or natural resources to all of us will only be wise and good in one second;

    • That the privatization of lands or natural resources must be against our human nature and/or against the natural laws;

    • That the privatization of lands or natural resources must be against the true wisdoms, wise ethics and correct reasons that are based on correct knowledges, or against logic, the science of sciences;

    • That the privatization of lands or natural resources must be the stupidity that has been causing to most, if not to all of us, so much sufferings, hungers, hardships, poverties, terrorisms, wars and other disorders, including the mental and physical disorders;

    • That, by international revolution, if not by international law, all the lands or natural resources must be declared the commonwealths and possessions of all of us humans—it must be the true wisdom or wise ethics that can effectively solve the physical and mental disorders and other disorders, such as wars, terrorisms, poverties, hardships, hungers and so much sufferings.

    10For more true truths about Communism and Capitalism, Google one of the true Holy Books of USA ta Mondomuni, entitled:

    • Sophiocracy Is the Highest Form of Democracy That Must Be Reached: The True Truths That Will Set You Free

  8. It is wise that you NATO (North Atlantic Threaty Organization) must stop your threatening divisive expansion, your new rotten style of conquest or anti-communist troublemaking natural resources or land grabbing, and must disorganize NATO that you could not cause the end of our world.

    If I were wrong and your intention was the peaceful unification in our world, then you would have established my NEWSTOR (North, East, West, South Treaty Organization) and you would have accepted my Comrade Putin’s Russia to join and you would not have been threaty or doing threats against Russia, and hence dragging your members and humanity down into thermonuclear inferno or hellfire of perdition.

    Threatening any military organization in our atomic age must be tontoful by cause, NO matter how perfect your military defenses are, all the humbuggers can be atomic bombed. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be turned into giant hydrogen bombs to explode this planet you stupidly want as your private possession and to put an end of your tontoful religions and anti-communism.

    You my beloved Russia, as long as the provocative threats of the tontoful are only threats, it is also wise now that, with NATO, you must make love and peace, NOT war, which will surely cause psychopathic losses, deaths, sufferings and thermonuclear end of our world tomorrow.

    Now it is wise that you all, especially you all armies around the world, who have been deceitfully made as A. I’s and whose lives and deaths have long been abused by your vicious, religious political anti-communist thought-disordered leaders, must be allied and united in the true truths that your governments’ anti-communist religious and political systems of beliefs are psychopathic and troublemaking and so they must be corrected or changed for our true lasting world sanity, peace and order. Why? Here is why:

    The Main Causes and Wise Solutions for the Problems of World Peace and Order, Hungers and Wants,

    Stupid Wars and Terrorisms

    1The Arabs’, Israelis’ and all other nations’ wars against each other are/were actually primarily caused by:

    • Their stubborn and unwise rejection of the wise commonization or making all the lands or natural resources of our world as the commonwealth or common possession of all human beings in order that there will be NO need to kill or die for in land, sea or air possessory disputes;

    • Their freedoms of believing, following, praying and worshiping their false or fools’ Almighty Allah, El, Elohiym, Yahweh, Jehovah, Hashem (Deuteronomy 10:17 and Genesis 49:24) Nam, Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Theos or Theoc or Deus (that is, Zeus), Lord, God, Jesus Christ et cetera.

    2Therefore, to stop their psychopathic warrings in our world so that we may have true lasting happiness, love, unity, security, prosperity, justice, peace, and order in our world:

    • It must be wise to make our entire world our commonwealth or common possession in a legal way by the True Truths and True Wisdoms;

    • It must be wise to stop giving to them such religious stupid freedoms in a legal way by the True Truths and True Wisdoms.

    The True Wisdoms Are the ONLY Wise Solutions for the Problems of World Peace and Order That Caused

    Hungers and Wants, Stupid Wars and Terrorisms

    1It is a true truth that the true wisdoms are more precious than all the diamonds, golds and moneys, and are the best defense and offense and are more powerful and better than all the martial arts and all the weapons of wars (Ecclesiastes 9:18).

    2One of the causes, why the true wisdoms are such precious and important, is the true truth that by cause of the stupidities, psychopathic lies and deceptions, wrong judgments or false wisdoms:

    • You will surely NEVER know what one or first is;

    • You will surely NEVER know what good or evil, right or left, correct or wrong and true or false are;

    • You will surely become a troublemaking crazy fool whom the truly wise government must put to death;

    • You will surely suffer or die from COVID 19 or from some other deadly diseases;

    • You and your loved ones will surely lose all the precious stones or metals, diamonds, gold bars, moneys and all your other desirable things you may have now tomorrow in the religious and political thermonuclear wars, which will surely be caused by the psychopathic lies and deceptions, stupidities, wrong judgments or false wisdoms.

    3In the following paragraphs are some of the true wisdoms of the one and only true Rabbi USA ta Mondomuni.

    4According to Deuteronomy 10:17 and Genesis 49:24 of the so-called Bible, each of them, Theos or Deus, Lord, God, El or Allah and Jehovah Elohim, is merely “mighty”, NOT “All-Mighty”.

    5Therefore, NONE of them all (Theos or Deus, Lord, God, El or Allah and Jehovah Elohim) is the true All-Mighty Supreme Being. How plain!

    6The true All-Mighty Supreme Being, who must be the First Being and Origin of all beings, good and evil, must be NO other than the First Matter (Mother), First Space and First Time whom the late peacemaking renowned scientist Stephen Hawking described as the Singularity (Oneness or Tawhid), a point or being of almost no size (Invisible but NOT spirit or breath) but of infinite mass and energy (Almighty) with whom the Universe (Unity) started to exist;

    7The word “Almighty” correctly means “All-Self-Sufficient”; and “All-Self-Sufficient” correctly means wanting, requiring, or needing and accepting NO help, NO service, NO ministry of any minister, NO servant angel Michael, Gabriel or Lucifer, NO help or service of any servant or abdul prophet Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, Nanak, Zoroaster , NO zakats, NO tithes, NO ransom money for the souls, NO payments of vows, NO thanksgiving, NO worships, NO praises, NO sacrifices, NO sin offerings, NO atonements, NO religions—yes, NOTHING from outside of Her own self in order to exist and to be satisfied, sufficient and happy (Psalms of David 40: 6 K JV).

    Therefore, the true Supreme Being must be the only Self-Caused, Self-Evolved or Self-Created, NOT the Universe (Unity).

    8Therefore, it must be a true truth that the true Supreme Being caused the birth (nature), existence and creation of the material (that is, mother-from) Universe or worlds NOT for Her own wants or needs and possessions, but rather for the wants or needs and common possessions of ALL Her non-all-mighty Natural Communist Creatures, Russians or non-Russians, good-looking or bad-looking.

    9Note that to control and punish the evil ones, like those who comment or teach contradicting those true truths and true wisdoms I have revealed, must be the task or responsibility of all humans, including YouTube, but NOT to the true Supreme Being who has given to all of us the freedom of choosing and freedom of doing whatever we are able to choose and do, good or evil—besides our natural everlasting life, it is an exchange for Her bringing us here into existence without our consent or agreement.

    10Those true wisdoms of USA ta Mondomuni must be the bases of ALL the economic, political and social laws in our world to have true lasting love, happiness, unity, harmony, security, prosperity, justice, peace and order in our world.

    11For more true wisdoms, Google also the true Holy Book; entitled:

    • Sophiocracy [Wisdom-Government] Is the Highest Form of Democracy That Must Be Reached: The True Truths That Will Set You Free

    of USA ta Mondomuni, and sing the song “Imagine”.

    The Miracles and Mental Problems in the Way to the True Truths and True Wisdoms for the True Lasting

    World Peace and Order

    1It is a true truth that there are NO shortcuts (such as miracles, healing, resurrection, splitting the sea or moon, ascending to heaven, dreams, hearing voices, seeing visions and God's revelations) in the way to the true truths unless the correct reasoning that is based on correct knowledge certifies them, as in 1+1=2.

    2Those psychopathic troublemaking people, who experienced auditory and visual hallucinations, like hearing or seeing Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, God or Odin, angel and demon, firmly believed that they did not have mental disorders. It is by cause what they experienced were “just as real as if someone were standing next to them speaking” and were “exactly the same as if someone really were”, according to The Everything Psychology Book written by Lynda L. Warrick, Ph. D. and Lesley Bolton.

    3Just like Moses’ and Muhammad’s religions, atonements or sacrifices, Jesus’ sacrifice, atonement or religion, where he used and abused his flesh as genuine food of the God and his blood as the genuine drink of the God and as a sin sacrifice or a sin offering to the hungry and angry God, were surely NOT required, NOT needed NOR accepted by true Supreme Being who must be all-self-sufficient, that is, needing or accepting NOTHING from other’s self in order to live an everlasting satisfied, sufficient and pleasant life.

    4Even the grandfather, King David Christ, of Jesus Christ, said about their supposed supreme being El or Jehovah Elohim or Theoc:

    • “Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire [will]; mine ears has thou opened: burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required.” (Psalms 40:6 KJV.)

    5Therefore, the inescapable truthful wise conclusion must be:

    • That, like Muhammad, Moses was a fictitious and false or fools’ servant prophet of an equally fictitious and false or fools’ Supreme Being El or Allah, Yehovah Elohiym or Hashem;

    • That even if we make true the false or fools’ resurrection and ascension of Jesus to heaven, they can NEVER certify Jesus’ atonement or religion as good, required, needed and accepted by the true Supreme Being;

    • That Jesus’ false or fools’ resurrection and ascension to heaven were merely used or abused to make his useless and troublemaking evil religion Christianity appear good and necessary in the minds of the mental patients.

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