Tarantino Talks About “Politically Correct” and Censorship | The Joe Rogan Experience

Director Quentin Tarantino talks about PC culture of the 80s and how the 90s changed the way we make movies on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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  1. To counter Joe‘s argument of „that movie could never be made today“: The „Joker“ movie literally came out two years ago and I think it‘s safe to assume that that movie is way more „offensive“ and „vulgar“ than any fukcing teen comedy movie he always cites as example – we literally spend 2 hours in the mind of a psycho ffs

  2. Terentino is living in a privileged fantasy.

    It's not the sexual stuff and violence. It's the diversity of thinking around politics, gender, and race. There is absolutely a chilling effect on intellectual diversity and people get astrocized. Jobs are lost. Reputations are ruined.

  3. Quentin nails it, and this is everywhere in every medium of art forms.
    It eventually devolves into a matter of,
    Do you honor the artist and his vision?
    Or do you sacrifice the vision so it will appeal to everyone?
    It should always be the former, or else it loses it’s soul.

  4. Rogan is always saying you can’t and they won’t let you. Just do it. If it’s good people will buy. You won’t be able to work with the communists anymore but then your free to do your own shit and if it’s good we’ll buy that too. Chapelle isn’t allowed to mainstream his doc but now he’s doing stadium showings and it’s selling out every time. We hunger for anything banned.

  5. There is a simple fact. Movies are not made for everyone, they should not be made for everybody. That's why we have genres and conventions.
    Movie that appeals for everyone is a boring movie and sometimes even worse

  6. I think we should have the abilaty to gracefully play with ideas. We are being encouraged to have a norrow point of view with the finger pointing culture that is being pushed on us. It isolates us to the point of devision wich makes us easy to control.

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