Tax Cuts Cancelled

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Tax cuts have been cancelled.


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  1. Stop the discrimination. A flat income tax from zero. If everyone payed income tax equally, they'd think twice about voting for free stuff off government.

  2. Its not the tax cuts but more about having the rich corporations pay some tax and have our politicians stop spending our money …Our country is over serviced by red tape and bureaucratic none productivity … Singapore government are more efficient and still have the death sentence to reduce over population of the penal system …

  3. Well due to floods the levy that comes with that will probably make the tax cut null and void anyway. They did it last time and no doubt it will be a thing this time. Take take take. That is all the government ever does. Keep you poor and only just able to pay the bills is the way our government works so let’s get rid of the corrupt mongrels and let’s see some prosperity for a change. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  4. Funny how the Liberal Party / ScoMo billboard with the slogan “Less Taxes, More For You!” has disappeared off the Bruce Highway at Griffin. I suspect the excessive hike in fuel and their reluctance to cut the fuel excise might have played a part in making it disappear.

    They should also be getting Job Keeper payment back from those companies who didn’t need it. Harvey Norman, ARB, Eagers Motor Group etc!

  5. Is anyone actually surprised by this? How did you think they were going to pay for all the government spending? It doesn't matter which of the majors win, taxes will be going up, not getting cut! Vote LNP and ALP last, then all the minors ahead of them even the ones you hate, everyone doing this en masse is the only way to effect change, otherwise we're screwed.

  6. Lets also talk about the cost of former politicans, notably John Howard who is charging 80K a month to tax payers for his office and lifestyle, these people are parasites.

  7. Oh i forgot .. .

    there is still another $1,000,000,000 . .

    ."to go towards" . . what does 'go towards' mean in a govt promise, seeking re eglaction? .. ..

    wait for it . ..wait for it … . .. . MANUFACTURING ..

    Aust 25 million pop rich nation . . .vs manufacturing in 8,000,000,000 impoverished people. . . .. .go aus. . ..

    mmmm let me think manufacturing in aus . .. .now hows that been going over the last 40 years ..

    look at you magic charts . . .

    oh that right . . .we cant compete in manufacturing . . ..not with a million dollar house loan and repayments at record lows .. . wait till they go up ..

  8. I don’t believe either party will do anything to help the working class. The duopoly we have are both too corrupt and don’t work for the people so I will voting for any other party than Lib Lab or Greens.

  9. I agree we have far to many public services many can be automated now so we're are our tax cuts. We should have low taxes considering how much revenue the government gets from taxing mineral exports

  10. I got stung another few k on my super and got a 1k fine this year for handing in tax late and earning too much even though it was overtime and my super is based on 40 hour week. no extra.. Also medicare was 6k on top of my private health lol…. Fuck this government

  11. Man the government would save money of instantly stopped wasting tax money on vaccines and boosters that don't work and arw not needed or at least charge people for them

  12. Tax cuts cancelled. Tax hike incoming. We have to do our part for our country. Everyone needs to dig deep and give half there weekly pay. Come on, we can do it. Its not what your country can do for you, its what you can do for your country. We all in this together.

  13. Wow, you have anti-tax assholes even in Europe?! No wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket. If you are a financially secure, successful prick, it's easy to say "Pay people less. Cut taxes more." There are, however, people who depend on those "government services " for their very lives. And who the hell are YOU to say people are paid more than they're worth?! The way I see it, the only overpaid worker you've likely encountered is your barber. People of Europe, don't let talking thumbs like one this convince you that social services are a waste. You've got it much better off than cocked-up societies like the U.S., where anyone can be denied medical care it they are poor. The European mindset has always been to offer needed help if available.

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