Taylor Lorenz CAUGHT Spreading Dangerous COVID Misinformation | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar dunk on Taylor Lorenz for spreading covid misinformation during a Twitter dispute with a WaPo colleague

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  1. Right-wing extremist: Climate change is FAKE! Get out there; consume, pillage, pollute!
    Right-wing moderates: Climate change is REAL! Get out there; consume, pillage, pollute!

    It's time to change your lifestyles, working-class Repubs and Dems. Your addictions don't only affect your own lives. Stop buying the addictions that parasitic, wealthy-class right-wingers are selling.

  2. 2:23 What are you laughing about! If we immunocompromised people take the thing that I cannot mention STILL because of censorship!!!… some of us will certainly die from that thing alone!!! Stop a minute with your single bone of mercy you have left and think about it.

  3. Interesting! I just tried posting that I got the virus at the beginning and it nearly killed me. They deleted the post because I use the first letter of virus at the beginning of the sentence saying it stood for virus. SICK TYRANTS at YouTube!!! STOP CENSORING US ON STILL ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS OF THE CENTURY!!!

  4. V is simply a letter. V is wonderful! V can stand for many things, even in the same context moron YouTube censors!!! V can be a vaccine. V can be a virus. V can be victory over the illness. V can stand for vindication which I hope to God rains down fire on your heads at YouTube!!!!!!!!

  5. 78% of the death that occurred in obese individuals – lose the pounds by eating only lunch every day and lots of water and healthy snacks of fruit and veg…This is a recommendation with opinion only as we are all doing things a little different. Have a nice coffee in the mornings or tea, and eat the meal any time after noon and before 300pm.

  6. Yeah, the conservative social media CHURNS out misinformation, so I understand (but don't agree with) why so many people on the left call for fact checkers….but misinformation is BY FAR not a 1-sided thing, and this is a plain and simple example of that. Unfortunately all the "fact checkers" are super biased in 1 direction and will never punish somebody for spreading misinformation if they have the left partisan take on COVID. It's absolutely nuts.

  7. Not to mention, which we don't DARE, natural remedies that work. You'll either be cancelled or actually run out of the country. When I was in the natural foods business in the 1970's I could be prosecuted for saying "peppermint tea aids digestion". People don't realize the utter rabid-ness viciousness, agg ression that has gone on in our country for a long time to eliminate any other options than pharma and the so called "medical system". Part of NAFTA was that Mexico had to shut down all the border clinics healing people naturally.

  8. People who give misleading and false information should be publicly killed 🤷‍♂️

    There’s too many of these pathetic species of humans walking on this planet and we have to get rid of them for good.

  9. It's funny that they keep describing Taylor Lorenz as a "young" woman. She's not young. She has clearly hit "the wall", and my guess would be that it's been a few years. And she doesn't even look young for her age. Most women in their 30s look younger.

  10. I’m not going to judge immune compromised people. They should do what they feel will protect themselves. Just leave me out of it. I’m gunna keeep on going as normal.

  11. It was all misinformation, geniuses. The mortality data clearly show no correlation between the demographic profiles of so-called covid-mortality and excess deaths. Further, it has always shown no correlation between mortality and the institution of so-called covid-mitigative measures, like "vaccines," lockdown, etc. Please start facing reality here.

  12. I had Covid in August for the first time and they put me on PaxLovid right away because I am immuno compromised- and that shit almost killed me so they took me off of it within 24 hours because I had such a serious reaction to it. violently throwing up and shitting nonstop until I got out of my system. Then I just had to deal with the Covid symptoms which were not as bad but still terrible, I had a 103 fever for a week and 102 for the second week, it’s been a couple of months and I still have very serious brain fog but I will not be a prisoner in my home because of it and I will tell everybody not to take that medication because it is so fucking brutal… I’d rather have Covid straight up than take these brutal “therapeutics“

  13. It’s not crazy — he’s loaded & can get everything at home. He estate huge estate he can spend all the time there. I know I would. I hate the flocks of ppl running around consuming so much shit they don’t really need. If I was celebrity where everyone thinks they are entitled to come at me for shit I would stay in too

  14. If you want to drag out ALL the “science” about the high risk of Covid to people who are immuno compromised that is fine! But you also need to admit that people with OCD, hypochondriacs and just a lot of Type A personality types are still taking this to a place that is not congruent with the present risks.

  15. I work at a hospital. I have autoimmune disorders. Our hospital recently lifted mask mandates. I would completely go mask off and I don't worry about me.

    Hubby though has advanced cancer and is undergoing chemo. I will still wear a surgical mask while I am providing direct patient care, as I don't want to push HIS limited immune system and I don't want to bring buggie nuggets home. He's already spent a 12 day stint with severe sepsis and a white blood cell count of 1.

    If I didn't have a very fragile patient at home, I would not be wearing a mask at work.

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