Tea Rooms are the most dangerous places in Victoria! Dwight disagrees.

Tea rooms are now the most dangerous places in Victoria according to the Andrews Government, Dwight from the Office does not agree!

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Nor way Offibcial: C O V ID-1 9 Can Now Be Comp ared to the Fl u as Cou ntry Remobves Pa nde mic Restric tions
    Who would have thou ght….. Tibme to wake up and hol d your govern ments accou nta ble

  2. They will declare the dunney an unsafe place to go on a work site and issue everyone on that site a bucket to be kept with the traidee at all time’s

  3. Any place where people can congregate and discuss matters is way too dangerous.
    This is all Bull Shittu has nothing to do with Health but more to do with divide and control.

  4. TEA ROOM: Most Dangerous work place
    So true I couldn’t imagine a more dangerous place to work or eat your lunch!!
    I hope no one out there will suffer from Tea Room: PTSD as I am