Teacher Fired For Stating Facts Wins Appeal


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  1. I 100% agree that he shouldn't have been fired for trying to stimulate debate amongst his students. But what does he mean by "saying smash the patriarchy […] amounts to saying smash human nature"? For sure there are physical differences between men and women, but does he mean that it's human nature for men to lose custody of their kids more than women during divorce or for women to be refused education?

  2. They've been complaining about male aggression this whole time, but claiming that it's rooted in biology is somehow beyond the pale? I hope nobody at Eton teaches zoology, they'll wind up in the fuckin Hague.

  3. I remember watching the movie Idiocarcy a couple years back. At first I thought it was a dumb but alright movie consisting of mostly Dick and fart jokes… but now I see that, that movie has hit the nail on the head on predicting where the Human race is gunna be pretty soon… fucking scary in all honesty.

  4. Which 19th century brain mutant was it who decided children need to be taught to think dialectically and that objective thinking had cause and effect reversed?

  5. Generalizations based on ethnicity are wrong – unless Caucasians are the ethnic group you’re generalizing.

    Generalizations based upon gender are wrong – unless men/males are the perceived gender identity of those you are generalizing.

  6. Women are oppressed by men in the Middle East, but not in first world countries. Imagine firing a teacher for doing his job. Next you'll be firing doctors for saving lives.