Teachers Are Being TRAINED To Hate Certain Races And Genders

Guest Elijah Schaffer (Slightly Offensive) talks about his experience as a white male in a training program designed to increase diversity and intersectionality in teaching.

Guest: Elijah Schaffer
Twitter: @ElijahSchaffer
Instagram: @officialSlightlyOffensive

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  1. I remember a few high school teachers brought up the "Teach for America." I also remember hating that idea because I knew what some of those schools were like and I had no interest getting verbally assaulted (and maybe physically). This was only secondary to the fact I had no interest in being a teacher.

  2. I got expelled twice, suspended multiple times, and went to a handful of schools. But I fought for my education right up to graduation and with high marks. I mostly didn't care for class work or homework, but I aced every test. I dedicated 14 years to it, and I got what I wanted.

  3. No HS diploma?
    You must have drove your Korean mom ? ? crazy.

    I am thinking ? if PS forces my son to be vaxxed then I may have him to drop out of school. Times really have changed.

  4. Artist, my art class story; Year after years of high grades. One white teacher singles me out for being white. Gives me 35%'s and threatens to remove me from class for failing grades. He had a hard on for Asians and weeb art and ONLY hovered around them. I kept my cool and I transfer out under a new teacher who knew my capability for an advanced class, I get high 90's+ again.

    I knew collages had people like him soaked into the wood. That and the debt part, I didnt like. Seeing friends and peers dive head first into debt mountain with nothing to show for it, really disgruntled me about post-secondary "education".

  5. My experience in highschool was great until I moved to a more left school. Had a classmate who was a sjw and she tried to tell me that me being a white straight Male in that class I didnt understand what tough times or the struggle was. Then I explained to her I'm the son of a single mother of three who grew up on reservations and in ghettos across the country while she has lived her entire life in suburban america. Also my government teacher would single me out and constantly try to punish me for either swearing or falling asleep in class even though I was an A student, 18 and my mother had basically told the school I'm my own man if they have an issue bring it up with me because she kept calling my mom complaining that I'd smash her leftist ideology of gun banning and immigration in front of class when i wasn't sleeping.

  6. Back in the day, the female principal would start each year on day 1 telling male teachers how she was traumatized by men teachers in her high school (to muffled laughter and guffaws from the peanut gallery.)

  7. I noticed my child’s school work is making him ashamed of being WHITE. Parent’s please look over your child’s shoulder and see what they’re learning!!!! Education system sucks! Parents rise up! ??

  8. none of this is about race/gender/sexuality in reality. it's motivated by socialist ideology. "minorities" are simply the new proletariat that are being manipulated for other people's purposes

  9. My 8th grade Honors Math teacher proudly admitted to my parents in a meeting that she helped the Indian and Asian students in the class more than others and was furious when she heard that my dad was helping me study at home. Apparently it wasn’t fair to the other kids.

  10. So they take a bunch of directionless overindoctrinated people who are ladened with debt and say hey we can give you a direction, a job at an accelerated rate, and pay off your debts you just have to accept and push our religion? Sounds a lot like a cult