Teacher’s MAGA Hat Ruled FREE SPEECH in NINTH CIRCUIT Appeal


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal rules that MAGA hats are free speech after a teacher named Eric Dodge sued his school district for discrimination. His case was originally dismissed, but a Ninth Circuit panel accepted the matter and entered their opinion.

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  1. Is there a term for like sarcastic over the top lawyer or a class you can teach on that. Like what's the methods? What's the effectiveness? Can it be used situationally? Is it just your youtube style or how you actually go to court? Seriously inquiring!!!

  2. If teachers are allowed to have rainbow flags and antifa flags in the class room them a maga hat should be allowed as well. Real shock is 9th circus court made this ruling.

  3. When I was in high school, my best friend and I wore Mickey Mouse T-shirts to tennis practice, and our coach went into a rage and told us to change them. He was the football coach as well, so you can see the reason for his angst.

  4. Of course it's free speech. People's feelings don't have any bearings on whether somebody has free speech or is hate speech based on how they feel or how they are offended. So comical. Lol

  5. Dog these people will say they're brave and strong but then we'll say a hat made them feel scared and threatened A HAT. Like that doesn't even logically make sense And they believe it and these are teachers teaching kids please help them

  6. In any other circuit court, this wouldn't even be debatable but I'm surprised that the ninth circus made a semi-rational decision. I personally think that all members of that particular circuit court should resign, put on red noses, colored wigs, and big floppy shoes, crowd into a VW bug, and tour Antifa cities to entertain the miscreants.

  7. By the way, anyone who doesn’t want to make America great again is an f-ing traitor and probably needs to be run out of the country. GET OUT! If you hate America!!!

  8. That’s what sensitivity training does to a person. Diversity, equity and inclusion training is even worse. It’s all training people to be as insensitive as possible towards certain groups, and allow other groups to do whatever they want!

  9. I don’t think the claim with fell against the HR rep. Cincy HR rep contacted CRS to change the report so they were knowingly interfering with an Acura report of an incident where discrimination was involved.

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