Teaching white kids to hate themselves to fight racism

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Privilege walk:

Pizza Hut learning:

Race based “affinity groups”:

Guy who doesn’t blink:

Teacher whose lessons says white people can’t experience racism:

Woke Kindergarten:

Trump ban of CRT:

CNN CRT explainer:

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Written by Sydney Watson


  1. Making this video was a mission. My programs kept crashing. My laptop kept crashing. So you'd better love it and it'd better get a trillion views.

    Also – homeschool your kids, because, wtf are these teachers even doing?

  2. This is what happens when you allow affirmative action in the classroom as a teacher.
    Affirmative action was never intended to teach in a classroom,,it was a way for the feeble-minded to pass a test,, and get rewarded for a job poorly done.

  3. Y’all I’m 20 years old and every day that goes by I get more and more confused about what the heck society even wants. ??‍♀️ Here’s a thought: Why can’t we all just treat each other as HUMAN BEINGS rather than a shade of a literal organ that protects us??? Can we just teach history as it happened, with no bias and no 500 year old grudge, and just learn not to do those things again?? Geez. We’ve wasted so many years fighting over the same shit instead of actually trying to get along and not shame each other for a multitude of reasons. I highly doubt people promoting this great divide even listened to or comprehended Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. He had the heart to wish for people to judge character not color.

  4. First of all saying people of color can be a racist term cause we all are people of color…
    What they are doing to them kids as far as I'm concerned is brain washing / child abuse..

  5. God that first kid in the vid.. just gut-wrenching. That moment he didn't just learn something new but he learned he was doing it for bad reasons "its why racism" is learned.

  6. You can't prove that something is a bad idea if there is no hard definition of what it is and any request to explain it is just "Racism bad this totally fixes it".

  7. One of the big changes to do with inclusiveness is Interracial schools that opened back in late 1860's. The point of it being to allow children to see and be around people of many different backgrounds and gain an understanding of what that means by interacting with each other. This new way of teaching is taking a large step back from that. The issue is that they are looking for way for children to be involved the political challenges of today instead of preparing them for tomorrows.
    I feel School should be a place where children can appreciate cultures not their own, and hear about experiences different from theirs from friends. When you are to educate children about race, use culture and talk about the good and the bad in each. Don't pick at one without picking at the other, all cultures have beautiful and fantastic things within and they all come with their own and unique issues as well.

  8. Yep, I'm not intentionally having kids in the country. There is no way to work hard enough to have a good life, dismantle the propaganda kids bring home from school, and all the other life shyt.

  9. Band-aids can be clear, they can have cute little characters on them, they can be colourful plastic with blue or green or pink, but no. Let's call all of them racist because some of the ones happen to look similar, not exact, but similar, to some toned and not pure black skin. No it can't just be that the wood pulp wasn't bleached white to avoid skin irritation from the chemicals, cause then they'd be calling trees racist.
    8:50 you can see how uncomfortable you are making the children, if I was one of the kids I'd tell him to shut the f up and just walk off.
    Outright telling someone they are privileged based on being white, or are inherently held back because they are black, is quite literally racism as you are assigning them a place in the world, a class, by their skin colour.

  10. I too believe that there is a time and a place to talk about racism, and it is not kindergarten. However, these issues need to be addressed with a level of nuance that I missed in your video. Your title is misleading in itself as you are misrepresenting the issue at hand. Besides that, the language you use to talk about this clearly states that you do not respect the people that you are talking about. There are two sides to every issue, which is especially important to recognize when discussing topics like racism. This video's purpose seems to be only to scare people into homeschooling their kids, not finding a better solution for the problem at hand. I truly believe that you want the best for these young kids, so please make sure to do unbiased research and not misrepresent information.