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  1. So she’s trying to tell us, Judy jumped on a plane to the UK, where JD was at the time of the verdict!! get a taxi to his hotel room to congratulate him, & then fly back to the USA !!! hmm 🤔

  2. Some people believe virtually anything written in front of them, especially if it comes from a supposed authority that meshes with their ideology. Nevermind that they rarely if ever check the facts.

  3. Amber and Elaine are just so desperate to find a way to overturn the Verdict. It's just so pathetic and desperate how they will continue to lie and lie and lie.

  4. Nobody believes these idiots anyway. It is disgusting the way they treat people. They get nailed for being untruthful and they blame everybody else for their own failures. Plain disgusting for sure.

  5. WTF does the court reporter have to do with the outcome of this trial, her job is to record what is said period. these fucking morons here a crazy thought Amber Heard could have been nice and polite to people besides here team of lawyers, oh wait she will only be nice and polite to people she feels can help here. its really fucking sad that in this day and age poeple dont have a clue or care about the facts they just want to believe whatever a woman says. every woman in my life who has watched this trial through sees what everyone who watched the trial saw AH is an abusive liar and manipulator

  6. I feel sorry for Johnny Depp this Women will never ever give him up ! She just want him back to touch, to talk, to see him till he is alive ! ! He should fire up few more bodyguards!

  7. No wonder AH didn't applaud her for her hard work when the Judge brought it up, she was the only person who didn't. No wonder she never said hello back to her. AH & team were planning on attacking her publicly after the trial. Sad.

  8. If they had evidence of bad acts by the court. They would be filing it with the proper regulating groups. Because if they had evidence. They would have a case. They don't. Which is a common theme with Heard and her team.

    As long as the stenographer records the events and statements accurately. It doesn't matter if they are a Depp fan. They don't make decisions and rulings on the court. And they can lie in their record. Especially when the preceedings are broadcasted. Everyone would know if they did.

  9. Johnny won so we need to stop talking about her, The more attention we give her the more she will keep on. More lies and here we are still talking about Ambers Turd and he me Pooh Movement, she was indeed the only one who gave a shot literally.

  10. Thank God she wasn't some skinny young thing? Court Reporter doesn't look like a partier. Johnny is not her 'type'. How dare they accuse her! Where was AH to appreciate her attendance and dedicated work?

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