Ted Cruz ENDS HIS OWN CAREER A Couple Days After Announcing He’s Running For President. He’s DONE.


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  1. Cruz will regret this game he played. We know that Jan 6 was a legitimate protest for a stolen victory of Trump in the 2020 election. Cruz should be ashamed of his words.

  2. Ted Cruz has some good views. But my problem with him is he only talks about democrats. Nothing about the American people. Every time he opens his mouth the word "democrats" will come out before its closed. I dont give a damn what the democrats want and think. I care about what the American people want and think

  3. Excuse me? Are you aware that January 6th was a SCRIPTED EVENT? I don’t know how anyone cannot see it. These republicans and democrats are working hand in hand. The elites had this ALL PLANNED OUT, to divide country even more.
    And forget blue pill and red pill; I AM NEITHER. I AM WAKING UP TO THE TRUTHS OF THIS WORLD, and so SHOULD YOU.

  4. They are all the same no matter what letter is in front of their name if you believe any of them care about the voters your a fool what violent there was no violence except for that woman that was killed by that coward cop

  5. I don't think these people realise how vunrable they are.
    It's not gonna take much longer and they will get an insurrection. It will look like the maidan in the Ukraine.
    No riots , just snipers bullets bombs and fire.
    The entire country is made of guns.
    It takes 4 days with out water and food.

  6. I'm from Texas. I generally like Ted Cruz. I don't like everything he says or does, but that's true of my feelings for almost everybody on the right in politics. It's not exactly a news flash that career politicians act in self-serving, self-promotional ways. This, however, was beyond the pale. Whether it's "the end of his career" is debatable. We've all seen politicians recover from much worse, but his chances to become President have diminished greatly. To me, the worth of any representative we send to Washington is not their rhetoric, but their voting record–are they representing their constituents? Cruz's voting record is conservative. I'm not eager to throw him out based on one un-forced error. His attempt to walk his statement back during his interview with Tucker was very "Clintonian"–claiming he was only referring to only those who attack the police. This is demonstrably false. He should now stop digging, own up to his mistake and get back to work.

  7. rMAGA. reMAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Clean up on aisle America. PollWatch 2022. The Salt Must Flow. Weld shut Zuck's drop boxes. Bring binoculars and telescopes and Bubbles' glasses! Keep an eye on Childesh Gambeno and his sleight of hand thumb drives.

  8. Lyin' Ted…I volunteered for him. And was a one time NT…then Ibwatched 45 actually work for We the People…and Sen Cruz flap gums but nothing more. By 2017 I recognized DJT was different in a great way. By 2020 I voted for him the primary and in the general.
    F T C

  9. Well that settles it for me on the January 6th thing!!! Always Trump for President,,,,, But i could not decide if TC was next or De santis!!!! Desantis for VP under Trump and then 2 terms for President after Trump wins in 2024…… ya fcked up Teddy Boy!!!

  10. wow you guys are overreacting!! we can't turn on our own. what he said wasn't that bad. it is not that big of a deal!! he's not talking about Trump supporters n he's talking about the terrorist who infiltrated the movement!!

  11. I dunno- encouraging people to, and moving the barricades so folks CAN GET TO THE CAPITOL, opening doors by law enforcement that day, DID NOT LOOK LIKE COURAGEOUS ACTION TO ME! Goodbye Ted; enjoy your life!

  12. Cruz is a uniparty actor complicit with all other career politicians involved with the grift. All smoke and mirrors with no real substance while picking the tax payers pockets at the same time.

  13. As smart as Ted Cruz is, he just alienated his constituents and voter base just to appease a bunch of commie democrats was one really stupid thing to do by calling those who protested the election results at the capital, terrorist! I usually agree with most of what he says, but there have been a few exceptions. One of the main ones was his comment to Feinstein about machine guns, and how they were highly regulated, when he should have said that they were unconstitutionally banned for civilians, with exceptions of the wealthy in 1934 with the NFA, and then eliminating any more new machine guns from the citizens in 1986, with the passage of the Hughes Amendment, which strips the ability for the rest of the 300 million Americans the joy of owning or possessing them, unless one or more of the 180,000 or so transferable machine guns happened to come up for sale, and that's only if that citizens can afford the price tag. He should have told Feinstein that the regulation of machine guns was absolutely unconstitutional, and whatever she was trying to get passed with gun control would be as well!, but then it was not so much what he said, as it was what he failed to say that was a problem!

  14. Cruz wants to be president. He can't win against Trump so he goes along with the left so Trump will be ineligible to run in 2024. Here's how easy the Capital sham could of been prevented. " Yes this is Nancy is this the National Guard. Yes it is. I need more security around the Capital building with this rally going on. DONE. That easy.

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