Ted Cruz Says Use RICO On Antifa, Wealthy White Woman SHOCKED She Faces 4 Years Over Rioting In NYC

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  1. RICO is overdue against antifa. They're clearly traveling interstate to commit crime and are financing/profiting via Venmo etc.

    Way back in the 1940s, Menace of the Herd by Erik von Kunneldt-Leddihn write how most socialist/anarchist/radical agitators of 1800s and early 1900s came from aristocratic, plutocratic and bourgeois backgrounds. Lenin was minor nobility, etc. very very rare that these agitators are true working class/blue collar/proletariat

  2. Oh Tim…. 20 is not a kid…… ask any 20 year old…. they'll tell you lol…… we gotta stop acting like these are just 12 year olds throwing a tantrum…. these are grown adults who are knowingly using fear, intimidation, destruction, extortion, etc…. they know what they are doing, they just don't think anything will happen to them…. because, well frankly, the libtard politicians & the MSM are protecting them….. but their days are most certainly numbered…. they best enjoy their crime spree while they can

  3. I love how ppl like Tim always refer to American “right wing authoritarianism”, not realizing there’s really no such thing. The “right” in this country have always been pro-freedom, unlike some the “extreme to regular right-wing” groups in Europe and elsewhere, which are, mostly, slightly less left than their far left-wing brothers; when it has gone extreme it materializes as Fascist rather than Communist. Both authoritarian, slightly different economic and foreign policies, though still very similar in most respects.