Teenage Girl SCOLDED By YMCA For Crying Over Seeing Male Genitalia While Showering With Trans Woman!

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A California teen cried as she recalled seeing “a naked man” in her local YMCA, telling the city council in her San Diego suburb she’d been traumatized by the experience with the person she described as a trans woman.

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  1. Dude I’m not gonna lie we live in a society that is TERRIFIED of sex. Seeing a dick shouldn’t make you run for the hills. I’m not for trans bathrooms or anything like that but give me a fucking break.

  2. It's like everyone is just expected to forget that " flashers" exist. Men who get sexual excitement from exposing themselves to strangers, usually from beneath a long coat that is opened to show the naked body underneath is the most common form of sexual harassment. It happens everywhere, everyday. To pretend that men who are prepared to do this to woman and girls in parks, in the streets or anywhere else, wouldn't take advantage of this outrageous opportunity to expose himself in the womans changing room to female children, teens and woman knowing he is protected to do so is at best dangerously naive and at worst knowingly encouraging/ participating in the sexual abuse of girls/woman .
    This ladies and gentlemen is INSANITY

  3. They need to sue the ever-living shit out of the YMCA for child endangerment, aiding and abetting sexual predators, promoting indecent exposure to minors, and just absolutely ruin the whole organization for this. Take these sickos down.

  4. Gay guy here, I'm phuckin sick of the trans "issue". It ain't an issue, it's many problems. Big problems. I raised a daughter and if a man was in her bathroom, I'd end up in prison, and that is disgusting.

  5. As fragile as this topic is now adays, it is STILL my belief that if an individual has a certian genitalia still then thats what gender bathrooms/locker rooms & such they should be using…UNTIL they complete the transition(operations/hormone therapy) to whatever gender they are changing to (I KNOW, I KNOW many will get upset with this train of thought… letting anger guide their responces or actions instead of intelligent thought). HOWEVER as we all know, these are the issues that have been voted on, IS being voted on & the generations that want this go out & vote for such laws to pass, if someone voted in this fashion, it cant be a "well its ok, as long as its not happening to me" instance & those that didnt/dont stand up for their beliefs & vote on these issues, then these individuals cant/shouldnt complain either… until people learn to go out & take action for their beliefs (VOTING when the time comes to vote on said issues) then this world will continue to swirl the drain of idiocy & hatred… but do it PEACEFULLY, violence & hatred will only keep the madness happening & by the looks of things, it is only getting worst…

  6. Where are the "protector" groups? #me too, feminists, or the sane gay rights people!!!! How about the good ole flasher laws? Women do have a right to be safe from assault. These idiotic rules are providing opportunities for perverts to get their jollies and in some cases actually raping women.

  7. It should rebrand as the YMWWWACA: Young Men's Who Want to be Women Anti Christian Association. The wokes like alphabet soup. Why not? Soon the wokes will enter the category of syllabaries.

  8. Looks like the real male privilege of our time dude… classic males dont even want that privilege (maybe some creeps and thats my point) but the new modern males fighting to be in those places…i really wonder why or when we here the first case of r…

  9. When showers are involved, people should be make to use whatever locker room matches their genitalia
    It's crazy that we even have to have this conversation

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