Telemundo Poll Had Trump WINNING The Debate Overwhelmingly, Latino Culture Values Masculinity

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Jack Murphy, author of Democrat to Deplorable (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, and at, examine the informal polling Telemundo conducted after the presidential debate and why their cultural standards might favor the appearance of strength in a leader.

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  1. This guy with the beard not. to mention Pool don't know what they are talking about.
    1) Latinos have never been overwhelmingly Democrat but largely so. Republicans get at least 20 plus percent of Latino but they lost the majority of Latinos over the years.
    2) Blacks are often religious but this doesnt really mean anything . AA vote Democrat because the Republicans dont need The black vote and don't have anything to offer them . Dens support black candidates and also gave them Civil Rigts act, Voting Rights Act and Fair Housing act. Republicans have offered nothing.

  2. These right wing idiot types here should just focus on their fellow right wingers.
    progressives would never support a callow conservative like Trump or any Republican.
    it's foolish to even think about it.

  3. MOST countries in latin America have a majority of European root.
    I am from Cuba and I have nothing but Spaniard blood going back to Neanderthal.the population in Latin america is 80% white
    . One of the thing that becomes very difficult for any Europea to understand WHY there are so few non whites on Latin America.

  4. Im from Europe and i always thought it was strange, that in America they classify latino peoples as non-white.

    I have friends from both Spain and Italy and Portugal, and we all consider them white. (Im from Denmark).

    Hell, even my Syrian friends consider themselves white.

  5. Biden suena a Cristina Kirchner. Espero que gane Donald Trump, realmente todo el continente necesita un lider que enfrente a la izquierda.

    Biden sounds just like Cristina Kirchner. I hope Donald Trump wins, the whole continent needs a leader that figth the far left.

  6. I truly do not care where you came from, we ALL wish to have opportunities to have a better life, and to be proud of your heritage is to be expected and respected. But, at the end of the day, we are ALL Americans that wish to provide opportunities for our families and future. The Democratic party, which I was a member for my first 30 years of life, has gone so far off the rails to the left I just have no idea how in the heck anyone can vote for them. God, family, flag… it's that simple.

  7. I was agreeing all the way till god and Christian sorry but nither of these have anything to do with masculity

  8. We prefer the term Hispanics. Latinos is a globalist term. Brazilians have little in common with Mexicans. We don't even speak same language yet you expect our culture to be the same? Before Central America and North America there was the Mexican empire and before that the New Spanish Empire. Brazil was never apart of it. I'm picking on Brazil because it's a great example.

  9. The Republican Party needs to understand that you can't put all Latinos in the same category. The Republican Party needs to appeal to the fact that Latinos value God, family, honest work and not food stamps/handouts/charity like the Democrat party would like to think. It's insulting. I am 3rd generation Mexican-American. I have the life I do because of hard work and I'm too proud for handouts. My friends and family who are Latinos feel the same way. Trump 2020.

  10. Democrats are so dumb, so very dumb for real… they think that letting Hispanics in guarantees future elections when the reality is that Hispanics even the illegal ones go to USA to work…ane pretty soon they prosper, and will not accept some of the shit Dems push, like identity politics, abortion, attacks against religion, etc…. in general Hispanics are Conservatives, Christians, Family-centered, traditionalist and don't like high taxes and big Governments…. Dems are letting in the very same people that will vote against them in the next 2 generations.

  11. My wife is from Chile and lives with me in the States. She has Anglo and Indigenous heritage. She can’t stand the leftist tactics and agenda. And she finds it absurd that the Democrats assume that all South Americans think the same way.

  12. As a native son of Hellinois, I can proudly say I voted against Obama 3 times, legally. Seriously, y'all elected an Illinois Democrat as president, wtf did you think would happen?