Temperature Variability – Tracking Recent Climate History | Randall Carlson-Kosmographia Clips 006.2

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Kosmographia Episode 006 / Atlantis Mystery – Evidence Revealed (pt4), from 9/03/19. RC joins the Snake Bros – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley. Climate spasms are revealed in graphs derived from Greenland ice core studies. Cultural shifts along the 10,000 year timeline are shown to correspond with the temperature fluctuations. He also shows evidence from the 1940’s that suggest portions of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge have been exposed above sea level recently!

Description of timing of changes correlating with temps on graph over last 10,000 years
Second half of the Holocene has not been as stable, and has been cooler than the first half
Alternative graph of Younger-Dryas cooling/warming and Holocene
11,600 corresponds to Plato’s date of the subsidence, also with meltwater pulse into oceans
Melt-water Pulse 1A at 14,600 – contaminated radio-carbon and geo-magnetic dating methods
Dating prior to YDB events may be suspect; chronologies may be adjusted and refined
A benign or optimum place for an “advanced” civilization could have been the area of the Azores
Qualifying advanced: maritime activities and commerce similar to Minoans or Egyptians
**Graph in PPT shows notes for original graph: Dansgaard (1993) Nature, vol. 364, pp. 218-220
Entire graph revealed going back 250,000 years
Can’t talk about climate change meaningfully or realistically without addressing this [variability]
Don’t tell me with a straight face that the debate on climate change is over!
Seeming trend warmer around convulsion of Younger-Dryas – Milankovich cycles/relations?
Sudden 18-20 degrees F warming in maybe as little as one year

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  1. The second graph demonsrates that for much of the 10000 years BP, it was warmer than it is now. So, Randal, why do we refer to the climate of the last 130 years of so as "global warming". Seems to me that it would be more accurate to describe the recent 130 years as something like a rebound toward the 10,000 year temperature planet norm?

  2. It is easy to see how Neanderthals evolved into such physically robust humans that consumed a diet of 100% meat. The freezing environment resulted in vegetation suitable for megafauna that could process the sparse cold adapted vegetation and turn it into protein. The Neanderthals had nothing else to eat.

  3. Come on YT, for goodness sake. Listen to the facts of the history of CC, not what the UN wants us to believe.
    Thank you Randall and Co. I have learned more about this planet from you than all of my schooling.

  4. Wow so it's not as drastic as they want us to believe. Not surprising at all. I've always intuitively loved the heat of summer. The less winter the better for me, but I am highly adaptable to my environment. Summer or winter bothers me none as iknow how to properly dress with our modern materials. I can most likely survive anything, if allowed to travel freely, but I'd rather heat than cold for sure.

  5. In theory, if we could get deep water lidar, at the depths assumed by the meltwater ratio, what we might find the most ancient of civilization captured in time by the oceans that flooded them? If they were able to survive the floods ?

  6. When looking at the graph of the Greenland ice core estimates for temperatures we need to remember that these are temperatures in Greenland not global average temperatures. When you look at todays temperature on the graph it is the same as the temperatures at the coldest point during the little ice age. The global average temperature now is not the same as the global average during the little ice age (which at first glance is what it seems like it is saying).

    Warming and cooling does not happen uniformly across the planet. Ocean currents can have a big impact and I personally don’t know how much is known by science regarding how ocean and atmospheric weather currents have changed and how they have affected regional climates. These may be factors that explain why Greenland’s present day temperatures are in line with temperatures at the coldest part of the little ice age.

    It may well be that the sudden changes (spikes) in the past that were pointed to in this video, have come from large volcanic, solar, or asteroid events or some other natural disaster. These 3 examples are events that are always short lived in relative terms regarding the input of energy and change on the system (in the order of moments, days or months) where human impact is less extreme but is set up to be sustained over hundreds of years. None of those 3 examples of events are currently happening so they can not be responsible for our current global uptick in global average temperatures. Human activity involved releasing buried carbon into the atmosphere as well as cutting down the climates capacity to soak that carbon back up, meaning that the human affect of increased carbon is potentially a longer term event than something like a solar flair. If we have a choice we do not want to force climate into a change that some other natural catastrophe could also cause but presently isn’t. If we do have some major natural event, hopefully it will be in the opposite direction to human influence and therefore work like destructive interference and not be in the same direction acting like constructive interference and send the climate into some new normal that is incompatible with civilisation.

    On a previous video Randal showed a graph of glacial retreat that shows it was happening since the 1600’s and that these things naturally go up and down and that the trend line for glacial retreat has continued at a constant rate even into and through the Industrial Age. His claim that if industrialisation was causing global warming then glacial retreat would have to increase rather than stay steady seems intuitively sensible but is not scientifically sensible. The fact is we don’t know what the glaciers would be doing now if the Industrial Age had not happen. Glaciers may well have started to increase again if humans hadn’t interfered with the climate. The questions raised by Randal are worth asking and should be explored but none of them are clear evidence that humans are having no impact on climate.

    Even if we are having no impact on climate we are definitely having an impact on the ecosystem, biodiversity/extinction rates, biomass and resource depletion and pollution. Fossil fuels will ultimately run out and there is no point waiting until they are gone to develop and start implementing a plan B not to mention how much geopolitical and economic instability fossil fuel dependency creates. All these issues alone even without any climate influence, make getting off fossil fuels quickly a geopolitical and environmental imperative. New tech and circular localised economies are not a sacrifice, they are an improvement. There is only down side to the fossil fuel companies themselves and their employees. Industries rise and decline all the time. Our focus needs to be on helping those most adversely affected through the transition period. We are well past the should we shouldn’t we debate. The transition is happening and the world will be better off for multiple reasons.

    I agree it is worth factoring in all Randal’s questions when studying climate but it really has no bearing on how we go forward at this point as a civilisation.

  7. Was hoping «recent» meant 10k years. Nice. But what about icecore drilling for km deep On the middle into important glaciers, using hot water, salt and oil? Surely those holes grow into city-size caverns to make the glaciers melt much quicker from more sides.
    Surfacearea of melting ice increases etc

  8. the disclaimer on this is rediculous. "climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, MAINLY caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels" they are outright lying. wtf?

  9. Mr. C- I’m interested to know if there are any studies on the correlations between the bottom of that graph (300k-20k) and the prevalence of all the “undated” underground cities around the planet?

    I used to think it was because of something like undocumented “hot ages” which must have existed through time, just like “ice-ages”. But maybe this graph shows prolonged,vast “cold-ages” were the reason.

    There had to be a serious reason to build underground cities all over the planet. Maybe these fluctuations could help us date and understand these architectural anomalies, how adaptable humans really are, and prepare us for the future.

    Of course, the minds of the “scientific” community must expand to consider these possibilities.
    Great presentation, appreciate the work!

  10. Interesting opine on how the water molecule expands space upon freezing to its singularity, like consciousness to temperature depth from an angle of a sphere by a circle dropping to the relative event horizon. Understanding that gravity propulsion is used to make the pyramids is a function of physics.

  11. the graph scale is totally screwed up!!! the last 10k years are HALF THE GRAPH, but the graph goes back 250000 years??!! that means the OTHER HALF OF THE GRAPH IS 240000 years!!!! SHOW THE ENTIRE GRAPH IN A LINEAR SCALE!!!!!! jaysus H christ allmighty, is EVERYONE COMPLETELY full of shit???!!! holy fukn shitballs batman

  12. So I'm fully onboard with the possibility of unknown civilizations lost to history due to massive geographical volatility. What I'd like to know is if a hypothetical advanced, seafaring civilization could actually have developed either during the Younger Dryas, or in the glacial climate before that. Was there enough warming for a long enough period of time anywhere in there for anything like that to develop before being – hypothetically – erased by Meltwater Pulse 1B?

  13. Hey Randall,
    Check out the work of the Austrian scientist Gernot Patzelt (former researcher at University Innsbruck).
    He studied geography, climate, glaciers and trees most of his life.
    He published some papers also in English where you can see his work.
    He found tree logs buried beneath glaciers far above todays tree line for example and examined them. He then created a climate diagram based on his findings and also drew pictures of the past mountain scenes because he is a hobbyist painter.
    You probably will find his work interesting …
    Edit: they also found out that climate in arctic and in the alps always changed at the same time and almost in the same rate (so it was not local as many climate „scientists“ say when you bring up the Greenland ice cores)

  14. Is the bolling allerod unusual ? There seem to be similar events during the glacial period, sudden warming and gradual cooling , forming a saw tooth pattern. whatever causes these events is superimposed on the milankovitch warming. two cycles peaks amplifying the effect. This leaves the younger dryas as the only anomalous event. This northern hemisphere temperatures, these sudden spikes in temperature are matched with southern hemisphere cooling events – the bi polar see saw.

  15. Are we positive pulse 1a and pulse 1b are two separate events? Is it possible that it is one gigantic cataclysmic event (or several in quick succession) and the cause of the cataclysmic event(s) corrupted the data in a way that mashes that era unreadable or susceptible to misunderstanding? We don't know what was lost in the library of Alexandria, the Hall of Records, is corruption of data (being the radioactive nature) is it possible that we are dating much of that incorrectly?

    I would love for you to discuss where carbon 14 dating can fail and what the limitations are of this method of dating, realistically, how precise are these dating methods?

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