Terror Police Attempt to Ban My Videos

Something scary is happening in Australia…

Who Set the Terror Police on friendlyjordies:

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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Never before in my whole life have I understood how dumb as dogshit are these so-called police imposing one objective, to wastes the courts time with crappy revenge tactics

  2. Not just the fixated persons unit. The ENTIRE POLICE FORCE think themselves as a power unto themselves and hold complete the Australian people.

  3. What is it about Liberals not being able to play Cricket? John Howard's attempt at bowling was borderline un-australian. How can a Australian PM not be able to bowl a half decent line and length. Then comes Bruz, while still 100% better than Howard, still can't get the ball close to the batter. maybe it's time for a Labor Vs Liberal cricket match skit.

  4. FOR FUCK SAKE they need to start pressing F7 on Microsoft word, they do have that right? the government can afford a spelling and grammar check for their employees so that they don't appear like communist spies from a non English speaking country?

    If they all are that bad I would hate for the new internal policy to be "OK guys, if anyone doesn't have a spelling mistake or at least a grammatical error on all official communications, they are to be referred to internal affairs to be investigated for espionage" because that would be quite a fucking sad day

  5. Well Jordan,it seems we have a few things in common,I was a model for a bit under 10yrs & I also feel exactly the same way about our so called politicians,I think you & I are going to get on just fine,would've been fun to work with you back in the day,keep fighting the good fight my good Man.👊👊

  6. I hope you don’t end up like Julian Assange! The biggest atrocity to an „Australian Journalist“ there is. Scomo and all former prime ministers are Kissing Butt to Nuclear USA and their regime of silencing anyone who is against government power and pointing out the mistakes.

    Thanks mate to put yourself on the line for the truth.