Terror Police Finally Exposed

Should we abolish the Fixated Persons Unit?

Who Set the Terror Police on friendlyjordies:
Terror Police Attempt to Ban My videos:

Police Try to Justify friendlyjordies arrest:
(Extended extracts of the budget estimates, definitely worth a watch)

NSW Police: Utterly Compromised:

Blood Water:

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This video contains extracts from the live stream of Legislative Council Budget Estimates 2020-2021 Supplementary Hearing – Police and Emergency Services on 29th October 2021.

Subtitles were taken from the uncorrected transcript on the parliament NSW site. Some corrections and additions have been made.

Written by friendlyjordies


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  1. John Barilaro ends defamation claim

    John Barilaro, the former NSW Deputy Premier has discontinued his defamation claim against Jordan Shanks aka Friendlyjordies. Xenophon Davis partner Mark Davis said: “Our client will not be paying a cent in damages to Mr Barilaro. Not one video will be taken down.”

    On 5 November 2021, the Federal Court made orders to the effect that save for the costs ordered on 13 August 2021 (the parliamentary privilege issue) and 31 August 2021 (the jury issue), the proceeding as against the First Respondent be discontinued with no order as to costs.

    Davis said “Mr Shanks was denied the defence of truth because of the parliamentary privilege enjoyed by Mr Barilaro. Under the circumstances, we are more than satisfied that the action has been withdrawn.”

    The Court heard a statement made on behalf of Mr Shanks by Dr Matt Collins QC in which he said “Freedom of expression for political communication is important” but added that Mr Shanks accepted that some of the videos he posted were offensive to Mr Barilaro and apologised to him for that hurt.

    Mr Shanks will cease selling merchandise featuring Mr Barilaro upon his retirement from politics.

    Friendlyjordies Producer Kristo Langker continues to face criminal prosecution with the trial anticipated to commence in May 2022.

    Davis said: “We have been inspired by the tremendous support for Jordan which has enabled him to survive this civil suit. But this fight is not over. Kristo is still facing the police and the Courts. These two cases go to the heart of the citizen’s right to criticise, scrutinise and satirise our political leaders.”

  2. Get angry, stay angry! Protect that freedom of speech! Damn shame you Aussies let all your guns get taken away, a lot easier to protect freedoms when you are armed.

  3. Enough said.????

    I think not.these pathetic,apparently respectable.?supposedly honourable leaders in parliament.?and of our police force?…. are in fact weak as piss, law dumping,power seeking grown men who need to get the fuck out of the publics fucking phones,laptops,houses, heads and fucking lives and do us all a favour.leave real police work ie: catching real criminals and enduring too make real differences where they are actually needed somewhere and remain drastically required,of which there are too fucking many too mention in this rapidly deteriorating oppressed fucking society we live among.Fuller,Elliot,Mcqueen,Morrisson,Barilarro ……
    Fuck off.your not wanted .your not needed.other more capable actual men and women more deserving patiently await……..

  4. Are you gonna talk about the mandates jordies?, cmon dude I know your a big fan of Labor and all and your videos have kept me off of voting Liberal party. But I think this is something that needs to be said.

  5. Right in the feels. Being a critical journalist and a person of conviction, targetted for doing a damned good job. "Keeping the bastar*s honest." Well, better than because he's providing evidence of corruption and misconduct at multiple levels of government.

    Top bloke J. Shanks.

    Hopefully your life returns to some normality soon!

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