Terry Crews Ends Black Lemons Matter’s Career

Actor Terry Crews had the astonishing gall to state publicly on Twitter: “Not all white people are bad. Not all black people are good.”

CNN actor Don Lemon took offense to this rationality, and invited President Camacho on his show.

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Written by John Ward

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  1. Has anyone else given any thought to the possibility that it just might be time to call an exorcist for Mr.Lemon( worst journalist of the year)??Or.. you could call three or four exorcists and get the group rate for Don Lemon, Lawrence O'Donnell, Mika and Joe,Brian,Jake. Nah,too many demons!!!

  2. You’re a massive polarizer and a massive cyst on the back of change, thinking you’re a cure of some sort, you bring disgust and unrest just like everyone else. When the fuck are you gonna come to me with some good news you cynical narcissistic materialist reductionist realist futurist futilist fuck. That said I thought this video was pretty good.

  3. Why the hell is lemon the bought off POS thinking he knows what blm is about? He's always a authority on everything! Is that his job to tell everyone his opinion and not listen to who he interviews? Worst so called journalist ever!!!

  4. Don Lemon has no soul…. His eyes are blank. Paid to lie. Terry Crewes is a Courageous truther. The contrast…. Is stark and almost painful to watch. Thanks John Ward, for doing it…. So we don't have to!!

  5. CNN literally cut and pasted this interview back together, when he's talking about pilots going down and not being able to be questioned CNN totally screw this thing up on purpose they really made Terry look like a d*** *

  6. At what point did Lemon put his hand on the kill button,could you think of anything worse than the maid going into his bedroom after a night with his boyfriend,hold your nose,she said the maid that is,fuck it stinks like shite in here,well it would dear the new normal.

  7. Holy shit I just figured it out. Don had Terry on his show so that he could guarantee there's at least one person watching it. Why else would he have him on only to talk over him the entire time? I'm onto you Lemon boy.

  8. You can tell lemonade butt pirate is super jealous when he sees another black person that can think for themselves, cause he sure as hell cant….. little disgusting cnn parrot puppet