Test & Trace Pays Useless Staff £6,000 A Day!!! 😯 😯 😯

NHS Test & Trace continues to waste taxpayers’ money. Here is the latest revelation.

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. What price would you sell your soul for? 6,600 a day? Interesting we are seeing a lot of the 6 figure these days.

    Of course if you've been jabbed once, twice, three times and even gone for the booster if the information is correct about young children suffering heart attacks then you probably won't have too long in which to spend it and that's likely the reason its so ridiculous.

  2. They are deliberately crashing the global economy to adopt the China style social credit system. A bit like when all the nations dismissed their own plandemic responses and adopted chinas

  3. Keep it up …you and talk radio got me through last two years …My mind set, lost friends saying I was conspiracy person ..I am no sheep ..and not brain washed! ..My mind is intact to question still! I question …my soul says something is wrong here ..lot of things.

  4. No non-totalitarian country would spend more than a fiver on 24/7 surveillance of citizens. It's the next step past cameras on every street, watching everyone except criminals.

  5. The problem I saw with it was I was getting better before I tested positive so by the time track and race were trying find out where I had been it was far to late the damage was done

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