Testing the Constitutional Guarantee and Section 51.23a of the Constitution, featuring Darren Dixon

Part Two of a 6-part series of interviews wth Darren Dixon for “the GLOSSA channel”.


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  1. wooo hooo. supreme court running scared `cause they know what the outcome will be and they cant intervene against learned aussies…..cant wait for the outcome.

  2. Last August, a Queensland childcare worker was sacked from her position because of her refusal to submit to an influenza vaccination – a shot she had already reacted to and for which she had a medical certificate excusing her from further shots.

    Despite her certificate and the fact that the influenza vaccine was not specifically listed as a requirement on her original contract, the court found that her employer was within their rights to fire her for her refusal.

  3. needing help please we own a business a bakery in Hobart

    we from may 1 are supposed to use an app to go places ..mandatory ..and also supposed to register and have a qr code we dont want to do either what can we do need documentation

    regards Jr

  4. Can a ‘state of emergency’ override our rightful Common Law or constitutional law? This is what they seem to be using to strip our rights away from us. We are in perpetual state of emergencies. Can they rightfully use a ‘state of emergency’ to mask us up and ignore Common Law?

  5. As from experience and knowing Darren a very smart man I've had obstacles at the high court my self .I'd suggest going even higher as from what I experienced.

  6. Yes, they can't make you download an app but if they provide a manual registry, they can not serve you if they consider you a potential health risk and you therefore refuse the manual sign in. However, if the situation is not during a state of emergency, it could possibly be argued in court.

  7. I lost my job due to 'covid' & just went for a job interview half an hour from home which was going very well. The last question I was asked is if I'd take the covid vaccine. I said absolutely not & they said 'it's regulation & we can't progress' & it ended right there.

  8. I really like your content, it would be great if you put all these series videos into its own playlist – that way youtube will suggest more of your videos and its easier to watch each interview series without having to click back and forth between each episode of the video – or just upload the whole one. people love to watch long form content videos too.

  9. Whilst Scammo has supposedly backed the constitution in regards to 23A, I wouldn't be surprised if they still try and coerce welfare recipients under the No-Jab No Pay to undertake vaccinations. Their definition of 'mandate' and 'compulsory' is often just word trickery!

  10. Thank you Darren
    It is fantastic to have this empowering information
    I would find it very important to have the information interpreted or even verified at a legally defendable level
    I found this "(xxiiiA) the provision of maternity allowances, widows' pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;" at

  11. Has anything come of this court case? It seems on these YouTube channels, all these people are saying they’re going to do something but nothing seems to get done

  12. If this is the case, that mandatory vaccination is against the law, why then many companies have the guts to force employees, workes to get vaccinated otherwise they can't enter the workplace or be laid off from work? Is this acceptable?

  13. Can anyone cite all the cases where it was upheld? Cause there's a lot of misinfo trolls out there saying that this section protects only doctors, but i believ it protects all citizens since nowhere in the constitution does it distinguish reparate rights for some citizens and other rights for specific professions. Thanks

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