Texas Court of Appeal AFFIRMS Law that Prohibits View-Point Censorship by Big tech – Viva Clip

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  1. Won't save anything when the Californians have their politicians in power in Texas through population replacement.
    It'll get repealed or overruled within 10 years.
    In 10 years nothing will matter because white americans won't be the majority.
    It's weird that Barnes isn't talking about Alex Jones trial when it's so blatant and brazenly a miscarriage of justice.

  2. Does this apply to G/YT platform? So much of what's being discussed is happening on here right now. I'd really like to have my polite comments written in accordance with all guidelines once again be heard, and not removed. Thanks.

  3. I feel the best approach would be to require every platform to provide alternate platforms and be transparent about where the content provider went. Then no longer do you need to regulate what is considered opinion, facts, porn, hate speech, political or whatever.

    If they hadn't been allowed to crush Parler; the bulk of this problem would have disappeared.

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