Texas Dem Walkout Being Praised by Biden Shows Us the Entire Party is Not Taking Things Seriously

High unemployment and inflation are ignored in favor of slogans and selfies.


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  1. When people flying on a private jet to avoid doing their jobs are praised as heroes and compared to civil war veterans, you know your nation has jumped the shark.

  2. Listen Styx….you need to take a CLOSE look at who objects to honest, and accurate elections…this should tell you a lot. We, and you know why they object….and you need to "drive this point home" and on a regular basis !

  3. the two greatest sins america has commited is abortion and voting for obama-biden, commonly refered to as "obiden" as kristi noem let slip in a town hall recently.

  4. I'm still confused by the fact that when looking on the Senate website it lists the party breakdown of the Senate as 50 Republican, 48 Democrat, 2 Independent… How does that equal Democrat lead 50/50? Can anyone provide me an ACTUAL answer to this? The only answer someone has given me is that Independents caucus with Democrats… So what? Answer? Please?

  5. Democrats constantly cry about "Democracy", but when the numbers are against them they have a tantrum. They are losing the argument over voter ID and they know it. They deserve to be arrested and punished to the maximum extent of Texas law.

  6. Some voting shenanigans found in the AZ audit.

    …the Cyber Ninjas CEO said there were 74,243 mail-in ballots received “where there is no clear record of them being sent.”

    Logan also said there were 11,326 individuals who did not show up on the version of the voter rolls prepared the day after the election but did show up on the Dec. 4 list as not only being registered but having voted.

  7. If "peaceful protesters" weren't held accountable why would we think for a second the same politicians that enabled that behavior will be? The double standard is stifling!

  8. I don't see why we shouldn't have vote tabulation take place at the voting place. What's the rationale for TRANSPORTING ballots to a central location to be "counted"? "There might be a problem that holds up voting for others", or, the "traffic jam" excuse. I think if you look at the details such objections evaporate. You can scan a ballot at the polling place just as easily as anywhere else!

  9. Personally, I think they should have their pay suspended from the time they left until the time that they came back from their jail time. Hit them in the pocketbook is usually more effective than anything else. Sad but true.