Texas GOP Declares Biden ILLEGITIMATELY ELECTED, Civil War Trends As Tension Goes From Bad To Worse

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  1. People get confused about the fall of Rome . Pockets of Roman life survived after the Empire . What fell was Universal health and cultural issues . We literally went from having maintained Roads in most of Eurasia and shared trade and shared money systems and many other universal trade processes . We lost art and many diverse cultures went stone age cause no more shared water aquaducts and universal farming . North Africa Rome was the literal brad basket for wheat for the world . The Germans tribes and Ottomans and many more took advantage of the Ulta liberal issues Rome's rulers were letting happen . Listen to a handful of Elite Uber rich that just neglecting the way of life that got them there . Was it a Utopia? No . But it could of been better if they would of listen to there citizens . The rich thought it would never stop and the nastier you were the better they liked you . The den of the perverse rich that cared zero about their citizens and the government fell. It could happen here . Yes we the actual people would be here but nothing would stop us from separating states .

  2. Well fuck
    I'm working class
    And not working class as in kind of doing okay
    I mean working class as in I legit just ate SpaghettiOs as my dinner and the rest of my money is literally going to fill my tank

    We are the ones that typically get screwed over by such things like civil war
    Just saying they tend to send us first before they send the middle class people

    Also we are the ones that fend the worst during this because no one cares what happens to the working class and everyone only cares what happens to the middle class
    So yeah I'm pretty much boned

  3. As a UK observer Tim's continued attitude with this is pretty mind blowing. It smacks of doggedness and pure stubbornness just for the sake of it…..The US has a constitution no ?

  4. They didn’t storm the Capitol they were led in by FBI agents and police antics was also in the crowd. There was no violence done to the building and the only murder that day was to an unarmed female veteran for looking through a small window. I’m a little disappointed in you Tim for your wording of that awful day. It was a huge trap.

  5. You say show me proof if you want me to believe the fraud narrative but you also previously said that none of the cases were heard on their merits in court so how can you prove anything if they won't hear the case on the merits? Your standard of belief is ridiculous when you know the courts and people have stood in the way of that proof being shared

  6. You say the real reason Trump lost was our sports and entertainment and restaurants and all that stuff was taken away and people were mad at Trump. Well that's a unfounded claim Tim, prove it Tim! Prove it to me so I believe your claim! You can't but you expect everybody to believe you right? Cuz you're the smartest person in your empty room huh?

  7. Hey Tim, you watched 2000 mules yet? What’s that? No, you haven’t. Then stop saying show me the evidence. I genuinely don’t understand how Tim keeps acting like we don’t all KNOW the truth. I like Tim a lot, but he tries to ride the fence on this one and it’s pretty damn annoying

  8. Tim (along with everyone else) seems to believe that a red wave – maybe a red tsunami – is on the way for the midterms. I agree, there will be a red tsunami of votes, however, I do not believe the results will comport with those votes: the Dems have a 130 year history of voter fraud, the two most known being "the running of the Mexicans" (ook it up), and the 2020 Steal. Regardless of which cheat you look at, they are always foreshadowed by the exact same behaviour: The Democrats start to message how confident they are about the election they are about to steal. The idea is to start to condition the public to believe that what's about to happen "is possible". Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Democrats get more and more confident, even as their odds of winning get smaller and smaller.

    Once they have conditioned the public to believe that it was possible they were confident for the right reasons, comes election day (more correctly, election days). At the last possible hour (i.e., once the other side has finished their count, thus giving the Democrats the knowledge of how many votes they need to win), the Democrats spend the night making up as many as they need, plus a generous "buffer" – the buffer serving to separate the obviousness of the cheat from it's probability, by providing far more than was needed. This way they can say "We didn't cheat, cause if I did, I wouldn't have given such a big lead: it would be too obvious!".

    Anyone who thinks I'm just yapping BS can go back and examine every "surprise win" the Democrats pulled off, starting with the election of FDR. Some of them are fully documented: LBJ's "Whirlybird" campaign for instance – that one was even more blatant than the 2020 Steal, yet nobody every did anything about it, even after LBJ had his boss killed so he could ascend. If you doubt LBJs complicity, just go back to the day that JFK was forced to offer the VP slot to him! JFK was certain that LBJ would decline, because at the time, LBJ was already the most powerful person in the country, with an absolute stranglehold on Congress – but he said "yes", to _everybody's shock and surprise! If you read about the LBJ side of the conversation that day, it's famous: LBJ asked his minions to find out how often U.S. Presidents "die in office" – it turned out to be about once very 17 years, and the country was a little overdue at that point. LBJs comment when deciding to accept? "Those sound like pretty good odds to me!". Seriously. BJ was a stone cold psychopath, and he knew what he was going to do even before he had formally accepted the call to the VP's office!

    So, unless there are some very serious election integrity laws passed between now and 2024, we can forget about a fair election. Possibly, the is also the case for the soon to be Midterms. We shall see how it shakes out, but I am 10000% certain, they are getting ready for the next steal, even as we speak, and I base that solely on their history, and their actions.

  9. Anyone that thinks the 2020 election was free and fair, or that Biden was legitimately elected, has their mind and eyes closed. The election was rigged on multiple fronts. By the media, democrat politicians, democrat judges, democrat poll workers, democrat activist, and by neocon and democrat billionaires.
    Anyone that is ok with that kind tampering with our elections is either a mindless partisan with no integrity or is corrupt and has no integrity. I know that a lot of people blindly voted for Biden. Around 67million. That’s a lot! But, I also know that 77 million people voted for Trump and mainly on Election Day. Not the weeks and weeks like Biden. Obama got 66 million votes and he is a Christ like figure to democrats and you believe Biden got 22 million more votes than him? Biden, who couldn’t get 100 supporters to come to his rallies, while People lined up for miles and miles for Trump. No way.

  10. Come on Tim! The democrats have overwhelmingly proven themselves to be without integrity and have fully embraced corruption. To pretend otherwise is just ridiculous. They are willing to do whatever they can get away with, and you know it. There is no good faith, honor, or decency remaining in a party that aligns itself with Adam Schiff or Chuck Schumer. Everything is moot when only one side follows the rules. It’s over

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