Texas Lawsuit Now At EIGHTEEN STATES Effectively DEMANDING Trump Reelection, “Civil War” Is Trending

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  1. You're in the trees, Tim. Many of our industries are dead because leftists and young people don't know how things work. Remember the CHAZ gardens? They die without the right. Honestly, I'm good with that. Now, the right…do you think we need their little computers to get things done? Most of us wish the computers never came and fought them tooth and nail.

  2. The damage to Texas and the other states is that the accused states violated constitutional law and unfairly impact Texas and the other plaintiff states' chances at a fair election and promoted voters to be disenfranchised with the system. That is the damage!

  3. Tim needs to broaden his vernacular. Take a shot everytime he says "games" or "spicy". You'd be piss drunk halfway through the video. Also, him snacking every single time he pauses is the most annoying thing about him. Pull away from the fucking mic if you must mouth smack.

  4. Tim, the lawsuit is not demanding Trump be named the victor, it is demanding that the courts do their job and review the evidence and make a truthful, constitutional decision! Most of these courts have dismissed the challenges out of hand without even reviewing the evidence presented. These judges are making political, biased decisions against the will of the people.

  5. If WI, PA, MI, GA lose the case, and the election goes to Trump, it was actually the election mismanagement by these states, who are to blame, not Trump or his supporters.

  6. 18 states. You don't think additional states throwing their weight behind Texas doesn't put pressure on the SCOTUS to actually hear the case? It is after all outlined in the constitution that state v state grievance's go directly to the SCOTUS. I think this is going to get heard. Imagine you are one of the justices on the SCOTUS… and 5 of them are allegedly constitutionalists…. are you not weighing what a flat out rejection of this case would do vs what at least a hearing could do?

  7. People need to keep in mind that the amount of gun owners and military bases in those 18 states alone would be able to create a militia in the millions.

  8. There are tons of things that will follow if states begin to secede. Civil War being a large part, but think about the economic ramifications if this actually occurs… What will happen to the USD? What about other economic programs such as welfare and Social Security that are in place and being supported by the United States federal government? How about federal taxes, which are in large part being used to support these programs. If a state secedes from the Union, who will be stuck with the bill, the 27 + trillion dollars that the United States government owes, will the states that seceded still have to pay their fair share? What will become of the United States military? I have so many questions and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's hope that this doesn't happen.

  9. What the fuck??? I live in Illinois and no one here wants Biden except Cook county (Chicago) The rest of the state is mainly right leaning for the most part. How about Chicago, California and New York, start their own country??? I would be ok with that.

  10. Secession is a death sentence to constitutional America, it allows radical socialism to blossom under the far left unimpeded alternate influences. Given what we know about the CCP's influence the United States now the Divided States opens the door to be occupied. IMHO, this is irreversible and it's only a matter of time before the entirety of the United States is strong armed into accepting the CCP agenda. Given the stories that Canada has been training its military forces with the Chinese military both abroad and in Canada itself almost makes it look like secession could reasonably part of the CCPs long game, turn America against itself.