Texas To Send HUNDREDS Of Buses Of Illegal Immigrants To DC, Democrats Policy DESTROYED Our Economy

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  1. Maryland is one of the wealthiest states. It only makes sense to send migrants to places where they can be successful and make money.

    Unless there isn't any actual industry and Maryland is only wealthy because of government corruption.

  2. If there's a fertilizer shortage, that sounds to me like there's money to be made selling fertilizer. Why aren't there any new or existing companies jumping to that opportunity? If you produce fertilizer locally, or at least domestically, high fuel prices are less relevant than if you have to import the fertilizer, so then fuel is still expensive, but at least you'll have affordable food.

  3. Boot's on the ground to distract the people from the lack of food, gas so expensive that we only use it in an emergency, but we got money for Ukraine. baby formula for boarder and the illegal aliens. We're stuck going without. The Democrats are definitely off their collective rocker and need voted out of office. Im family are ranchers and farmers. We're ready for anything that's coming. But he doesn't want anyone to be watching what they're doing, like the Wizard of OZ. Don't look behind the curtain, only it's not the curtain it's don't look behind the war, or your going to see what reality really is population control by fiat and Executive orders which is why they want gun control here they showed their true colors. When the mid terms are over will decide wether or not they can stack the Supreme Court by adding extremely progressive judge's to control the the conservative court. Along with the repeal of the senate filibuster rule , then they can shutdown the conservative voice. Then use the fear of another covid or another virus family that they can scare the sheeple into compliance with government mandates and orders of compliance.
    When Australia bought back guns they never owned then when some people thought for them selves they were imprisoned in WW2 style concentration camps. So you don't want to get jabbed like we told you to for a illness with less than a .1% death rate, with a so called vaccine that so far doesn't keep you from getting the the virus, doesn't keep you from dying if you're one of the few small number of people who would actually die from it anyway. And doesn't prevent you from giving it to someone else. Sounds very eerily like most of the other yearly viruses like the flu or anything of the host of viruses. They could send cops to arrest you and haul you of without any recourse except to deal with. Even though the buybacks netted only a quarter to half of the total known guns sold to the public.

  4. I listened to you last time, Tim, in late 2019 when you said stock up on food. In 2020, when the shelves of my local grocery stores started to become bare and products were being rationed, my wife and I were perfectly fine. You can bet I’m doing it again.

  5. Washington refuses to see what is happening at the border. So Abbot is bringing the border to Washington. This will not make the problem worse, it will force the people who pretend everything’s fine to look at what they’re causing. Yes it will bring the problem closer to your doorstep, but that should make it easier to report on it.

  6. Were the next world war to break out, the next step is draft any male immigrant. Isn't that what the Union did with the Irish immigrant men during the Civil War?

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